January 2022 Archive

    1. Here's everything coming to Battlefield 2042 with the January 20 patch
    2. DICE's solution to Battlefield 2042 Portal's XP earn problem: a confusing multi-tier system
    3. Square Enix should be ashamed of the Kingdom Hearts release on Switch
    4. What do you think about the Xbox and Activision Blizzard acquisition?
    5. Warzone cheaters have started zooming around in flying cars
    6. Does YuGiOh Master Duel have cross save and cross platform progression?
    7. "Will Sony buy Ubisoft?" and other questions after Xbox’s shock acquisition of Activision Blizzard
    8. Roblox promo codes for January 2022 - All active Roblox codes
    9. Attention Destiny 2 players - start using up your Gunsmith parts right now!
    10. The Old School RuneScape Shattered Relics league has launched today
    11. Online is great, but the joy of a LAN party is still unmatched
    12. Pokémon GO Promo Codes: Berries, clothing, and more
    13. Cookie Run: Kingdom codes: Free crystals and more
    14. Rainbow Six: Extraction review: Ubisoft’s experimental shooter tries its best, but it’s still under Siege
    15. Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for about what Disney paid to acquire Fox
    1. Call of Duty: Vanguard and Switch were best-sellers in the US during December 2021- NPD
    2. Kotick says he will be "available as needed" at Activision Blizzard "to ensure the very best integration"
    3. It's not Microsoft's "intent to pull communities away" from PlayStation with Activision acquisition
    4. How to feed klomberries to a Klombo in Fortnite
    5. The Cuphead Show to debut on Netflix February 18
    6. Activision held back damning numbers about workplace misconduct - report
    7. OlliOlli World preview: Don't overlook this indie skateboarding gem
    8. Video game release dates 2022: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch
    9. 6 dream games we’d like to see from Activision Blizzard at Xbox
    10. Windjammers 2, Nobody Saves the World, and Death's Door are coming to Game Pass
    11. Shindo Life codes: Free Spins and RELLcoins [January 2022]
    12. Believe your eyes: Microsoft has agreed to acquire Activision Blizzard
    13. Here are the best speedruns you need to check out from Awesome Games Done Quick 2022
    14. Warzone cheaters seem to be getting a damaging surprise
    15. Monster Hunter Rise Steam launch was big, but nowhere close to World's
    16. Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS from Homeworld devs, hits Early Access this spring
    1. Monster Hunter Rise Weapons guide | What is the best starting weapon for you?
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    15. 343 Industries is cutting the price of Halo Infinite store items this week
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    1. Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day | Start & End Time, Rewards, & Shiny Spheal
    1. Respawn's secretive third project loses its creative director
    2. Techland will support Dying Light 2 for at least 5 years post release
    3. A PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends might be coming soon
    4. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Monster Hunter Rise Argosy guide | Where to find Boatshell and King Rhino
    2. Where to find High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise
    3. Where to find Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise
    4. Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg location
    5. Monster Hunter Rise Guide | Tips for Beginners, Combat, Farming, Bosses
    6. Monster Hunter Rise: Rock Lizard | Where to find a Rock Lizard for the Endemic Life request
    7. Latest Dying Light 2 video shows off gameplay and some of the characters you will encounter
    8. 6 other historical settings we want Pokemon to visit after Legends: Arceus
    9. 2022 GDC Awards: Deathloop, It Takes Two, Forza Horizon 5 lead in nominations
    10. Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer - How do I join a friend's quest?
    11. Capcom has to get Street Fighter 6 right, and not just for the sake of the series’ 35th anniversary
    12. Pokemon Legends Arceus: 5 things you need to know about Pokemon's riskiest game yet
    13. Steam Deck is absolutely releasing in February, unless reasons
    1. 2022 DICE Awards: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart leads with nine nominations
    2. Microsoft is no longer producing Xbox One consoles
    3. Sony pulling PlayStation Now cards from retail to focus on PlayStation gift cards
    4. Monster Hunter Rise failed to save bug explained
    5. Hitman 3 Year 2 content includes a roguelike mode, new map, customizable safehouse, and more
    6. Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore Location | Where do I farm Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?
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    10. Monster Hunter Rise: Kamura Tickets | Where to get them and how to use them
    11. Monster Hunter Rise Smithy | How to upgrade, Ramp-Up, and Rollback
    12. Monster Hunter Rise Change Appearance | How do you alter your hunter's appearance?
    13. GTA Online weekly update (January 13) - bonus rewards, discounts, and prizes
    14. This extended look at Pokemon Legends: Arceus provides additional gameplay details on crafting, battling, more
    15. Genshin Impact live music stream places a waypoint on the Alps
    16. Today's Dying Light 2 stream to show off co-op, console comparisons, and brand new gameplay
    17. Overwatch sets might be canned, but 2022 should be a good year for Lego and Gaming
    18. Best warzone loadouts: what are the best mid-season meta loadouts?
    19. PS5 stock shortages cause Sony to turn back to the PS4
    1. Showa American Story is an RPG set in an alternate version of the 80s
    2. Genshin Impact Cor Lapis locations and Cor Lapis farm routes
    3. FIFA 22, NBA 2K22 and GTA 5 were the most downloaded titles on the PS Store in 2021
    4. New Nvidia ray tracing filters and DSR updates coming with next driver update
    5. Monster Hunter Rise: Warm Pelt | How to hunt Kelbi and Anteka
    6. Monster Hunter Rise: Eroded Skeletons | Where to find Bone Piles
    7. Monster Hunter Rise Icium | Where to find and farm Icium
    8. Monster Hunter Rise Lightcrystal | Where to find and farm Lightcrystal
    9. Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore | Where to find and farm Dragonite Ore
    10. Monster Hunter Rise | Where to find Buddy Handler Iori
    11. Tickets are now on sale for EGX Birmingham 2022
    12. Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Egg | How do you deliver Transport Items?
    13. Monster Hunter Rise Builds | Best armor sets for early and late-game
    14. Here's Riot's 5-year game plan following its large settlement payout
    15. Monster Hunter Rise: Meaty Hide | Where do you find and hunt Zamites?
    16. Does Project L have what it takes to make it big?
    17. God of War PC tech review - Norse a lot of big improvements
    18. Stalker 2 has been delayed to December
    19. Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes you on a new adventure in March
    20. Battlefield fans are obsessed with 2042's shrinking player numbers, as they reach new lows
    21. The best Genshin Impact Zhongli build, weapons, artifacts, and Zhongli F2P options
    22. Warzone is getting an Attack on Titan cosmetic pack
    23. Despite supply issues, Xbox Series X/S is Microsoft's best-selling hardware generation to date
    1. Fortnite telescope locations and how to collect telescope parts
    2. LEGO delays release of Overwatch 2 set as it reviews its partnership with Activision Blizzard
    3. Xbox boss Phil Spencer would like to see bans and user blocking across platform networks
    4. Far: Changing Tides will hit Game Pass day one when it releases in March
    5. How to hotwire cars in Project Zomboid and raise Electrical and Mechanics skills
    6. Monster Hunter Rise PC vs. Nintendo Switch: Check out a side-by-side comparison here
    7. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has just gotten a rad new trailer
    8. GTA parent company Take-Two acquires FarmVille maker Zynga for $12.7 billion
    9. Game length does matter, but it’s right to be skeptical about grand boasts
    10. Your last chance to try Warframe's Prime Resurgence event is here
    11. It was good for a while, but cheaters are getting around Warzone's Ricochet anti-cheat
    12. Console FOV in Warzone still has a lot of players up in arms
    13. Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution | How to get all 8 Eevee evolutions
    14. Don't worry, Dying Light 2 won't take 500 hours to finish after all
    15. Pokemon Go Egg Chart for Jan 2022: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 12km eggs hatch list
    16. Pokemon Go Field Research quests | January 2022 missions and rewards list
    1. Genshin Impact best Ganyu build, weapons, Artifacts, and Ganyu F2P options
    2. Dying Light 2: 5 things you need to know about Techland’s massive open world sequel
    3. Monster Hunter Rise PC review impressions: Looks like I won't be going back to Switch for Sunbreak
    4. Genshin Impact best Shenhe build, weapons, Artifacts, and Shenhe F2P options
    5. After eight years of development, Rust has sold 12 million copies
    6. Fortnite players are desperate for the old Loot Llamas back
    7. Dying Light 2 will take 'at least 500 hours' to complete, according to Techland
    1. Mario Kart 9 in active development, will feature a "new twist" - analyst
    2. A new South Park game is in development
    3. The Day Before video shows what the game looks like with RTX on
    4. GameStop stock soars 20% over the news it's creating an NFT marketplace
    5. Red Dead Online players are upset over the lack of content
    6. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. The Ascent is coming to PlayStation consoles, according to the ESRB
    2. Rainbow Six Extraction video goes over the game's lore and the threat REACT is facing
    3. Battlefield 2042, Star Renegades, and The Sinking City are free to play with Gold and Game Pass Ultimate
    4. League of Legends season 12 launches today with vast new changes
    5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Best Character Class for your playthrough
    6. Mass Effect Best Armor: Best armors in the Legendary Edition
    7. Project Zomboid Best Traits: Which positive and negative traits should you choose?
    8. Genshin Impact best Xiao build, weapons, and best Xiao F2P options
    9. Genshin Impact best Ningguang build, weapons, and Ningguang F2P options
    10. Genshin Impact best Yun Jin build, weapons, Yun Jin F2P options
    11. VG247's most anticipated games of 2022
    12. Genshin Impact best Chongyun build, weapons, and Chongyun F2P options
    13. “Are we breaking Halo?” How 343 Industries found Infinite’s balance between old, new, order, and chaos
    14. Latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus video provides a six minute overview of the game
    15. E3 2022 will be online only this year due to Covid worries
    16. Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay preview: “It feels a little too familiar"
    17. Battlefield 2042's main subreddit has gotten so toxic it may shutdown
    18. Genshin Impact Banner History: What is the next banner in Genshin Impact?
    19. Genshin Impact: A Study in Potions event has gone live!
    20. Jedi Fallen Order 2 reveal coming before June, might launch late 2022 – report
    1. Apex Legends Dark Depths Event kicks off January 11 and runs through February 1
    2. Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes to EA Play today
    3. Pokemon Go's next Season of Heritage event focuses on rock and steel-type Pokemon
    4. Days Gone director says game sold about as well as Tsushima, but management made it feel like a disappointment
    5. Here's a closer look at the tribes in Horizon Forbidden West
    6. Scopes in Battlefield 2042 seem to be affecting weapon recoil, for some reason
    7. Arcade1Up steps up its replica arcade cabinets with full-size ‘pro’ machines
    8. Once again, people are forcing the Pope to like Undertale
    9. Genshin Impact - how to unlock all hidden enkanomiya islands
    10. As Battlefield 2042 players look for a roadmap, DICE is talking lore
    11. Genshin Impact Enkanomiya book locations- The Collection of Dragons and Snakes walkthrough
    12. Genshin Impact: What are Key Sigils, and where can I find them?
    13. Sony won't say whether PSVR2 will come out this year, or whether it's backwards compatible
    1. Prime Gaming January 2022 games include Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Total War: Warhammer, more
    2. Rainbow Six Extraction PC specs - here's the recommended minimum, high, and ultra settings
    3. 2021 Steam Awards crowns Resident Evil Village Game of the Year
    4. Uncharted video shows off extended look at the cargo plane scene
    5. How to get new skins in Genshin Impact - Ningguang's skin and more
    6. Rainbow Six Extraction will release day one on Game Pass
    7. Genshin Impact Glaze Lily - Where do you find Glaze Lilys in Liyue Harbor?
    8. Skull and Bones director departs Ubisoft after 15 years with the company
    9. Monster Hunter Rise’s PC features are tempting me to put another 100 hours into the game
    10. Ghost of Tsushima has sold over 8 million copies
    11. Genshin Impact Qingxin Flower locations and best Qingxin Flower farm route
    12. Genshin Impact - gameplay footage of Yae Miko has been leaked
    13. Genshin Impact's newest 2.4 update has gone live today
    14. Top Games releasing in January - Pokemon Legends Arceus, Rainbow Six Extraction, God of war PC and more
    15. Genshin Impact 2.4: How to unlock the Enkanomiya map
    16. Sony details PSVR2 and VR2 Sense controller, claims it's the "next generation of VR gaming"
    17. The Catch-Up: What Team VG247 played in the holidays
    1. Pokemon Go January Community Day stars a fan-favorite - Bulbasaur
    2. Death Stranding Director's Cut comes to PC this spring
    3. Apex Legends' latest Stories from the Outlands video focuses on Bangalore and Jackson
    4. Additional Battlefield games come to GeForce Now and RTX comes to 10 more games
    5. Splitgate PlayStation playerbase has increased in wake of Halo Infinite launch
    6. Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Spelunky 2 and more coming to Xbox Game Pass this month
    7. Game Pass gets three new surprise games on Xbox, PC, and Cloud
    8. New Destiny 2 players are being thrown into dire Dares of Eternity matches
    9. Call of Duty Warzone players angry over unfixed 'pay-to-win' invisible skin
    10. Genshin Impact's Shenhe gets a chilling new character demo
    11. Halo Infinite lead writer leaves 343 Industries to join Riot Games
    12. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot sells 4.5 million copies, developer CyberConnect2 announces
    13. Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy 12 added to PlayStation Now for January
    1. Ken Levine’s Ghost Story development team trapped in development hell – report
    2. Shin Megami Tensei 5 almost sells a million, Atlus reveals
    3. From Software’s Miyazaki says Elden Ring’s graphics team felt pressured after seeing Demon’s Souls remake
    4. Square Enix president wants to investigate NFTs and the metaverse for games
    1. The Best Minecraft Seeds for 2022
    2. Best Minecraft Skins to download in 2022
    3. The 10 Best Roblox Games to play in 2022: Action, Anime, Horror, and more
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    8. Goldeneye 007 Xbox Achievements appear on website, hinting at new port
    9. Kojima Productions’ next game will blur the line between mediums, says Kojima