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Alien Isolation guide: mission 3

Security. But at what cost?


Alien Isolation guide mission 3 - Encounters - Disable Security Lockdown

With the second mission out of the way, you'll need to turn off the security systems.

Find an Elevator to Seegson Communications

Take the stairs to the left to find a number of doors that are all locked, bar one. Head through it.

Take the Elevator Up to Seegson Communications

Go up the next flight of stairs and prepare to duck and cover to avoid the sudden rain of gunfire. When the perpertrator has fled, you can take the opportunity to have a look around for various items before entering the door opposite the one that lead to this area and triggering a cutscene.

Find a Data Cell to Repair the Security Access Tuner

There are stairs to the right of where you picked up the Access Tuner, so take these, head around the balcony to the right and through the door the 4 women used to enter the area while trying not to get seen. Head down 2 sets of stairs and take the map from the wall, before going down another floor and through the Tech Support door.

There are some items stashed in the vent on the left here, so grab these before heading up the stairs and into the office. There’s a map outside, so be sure to take this off the wall.

Take the opportunity to save your progress in here, then take the Keycard and the Revolver from the desk and follow the corridor to the locked door that you can now open with the Keycard you just picked up.

Sweep the room for any decent supplies, then go down the corridor marked ‘System Monitoring’ where you’ll find another dead body ripe for the looting. Near this fellow you’ll find Flashbang Blueprints on the wall so be sure to grab them before doubling back down the hall and taking the door to the left to the Sevastopol Works Archive.

After the cutscene, look to your right and press the buttons in order from left to right (starting from the side with the crank). As you’re doing this, you’ll happen across the Data Cell. How fortuitous! Snatch it up to complete your objective.

Hack the Elevator to Seegson Communications

Let’s get out of here! To leave via the door you came through, you’ll need to use the Access Tuner. Once you’re out, go back down the corridor marked ‘System Monitoring’. You can use the Access Tuner to unlock the room off to the side here to find an audio log.

Make your way back to the room where you found the keycard and gun, and head down the stairs into the corridor marked ‘Tech Workshop’.

Disable Security Lockdown

Pull out the old Access Tuner to open the Tech Workshop door, sweep the room and check the Sevastolink Terminal. You can disable the lockdown from the desk in the middle of the room, but you can use your Maintenance Jack to unlock the other door in this room first if you’re feeling particularly paranoid. Once you disable the lockdown, you’ll trigger a cutscene after which it becomes very clear that you need to get the hell out of dodge. Right now.

Retrace your steps to the room you entered from the balcony to avoid being spotted by the 4 angry ladies from earlier, and use your Access Tuner to open the door. Once you’re in, hide immediately behind the railing and watch events unfold.

When the coast is clear, make your way down the stairs to the elevator (the spot where you picked up the Access Tuner). Use the Tuner to open the door, slip into the elevator and hit the button to end the mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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