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Alien Isolation guide: mission 6

Stay frosty. Nurse Ratched is doing rounds.


Alien Isolation guide mission 6 - The Outbreak - Find the Keycard

You can moan about keycards being a gaming cliché all you like: you aren't going to survive without it.

Find a Trauma Kit

Shortly after you reach the lower hospital, you’ll need to locate a trauma kit. Save next to the lift before moving on, then proceed onwards, going left prior to the entrance to Cold Chamber 1, to the door with the Stun Baton wedged into it. Take the baton and the door will open.

Use the Sevastolink Terminal in this room to activate the cooling system, and engage the coolant on the 3 Hydrogen Cylinders that you are now able to interact with. Leave the room and go right, heading into Cold Chamber 2, taking care not to be spotted by the Xenomorph diligently doing its rounds throughout the hospital. Make a dash for the Hydrogen Cylinder on the floor when it’s safe to do so and pop back to the room with the Sevastolink Terminal. You can now interact with the final cylinder to insert and engage coolant.

Onwards to Cold Chamber 1! Exit the room again and this time go left to Cold Chamber 1. Xenomorph Nurse Ratched is doing its rounds in here now, so lay low until she/ he/ it is finshed before going over to the wall and using the Access Rewire to turn the Air Purifaction off and allowing Vent Access, because this is a part of the Alien franchise and how the hell else are you supposed to get around? Corridors are for mugs.

Investigate Lingard’s Office for Information

It’s time to scuttle around in some air ducts again like a giant, pink cockroach, so save outside of Cold Chamber 1 and make your way back towards Cold Chamber 2. To the left along the corridor is a vent that - you guessed it! - you need to stuff yourself into. Follow the route through here and you’ll emerge into another room.

Have a rifle around, retreating to the safety of the locker if necessary, then exit the room and head left down the corridor. Enter the first room on the right and use the Sevastolink Terminal here to open the Utility folder and find the Report: Lingard file.

Search Operating Theatre for Trauma Kit

After the cutscene, leave the room and turn left, making your way to the Staff Gallery. When you reach this area,enter the door marked ‘Hygiene Area’, follow the corridor and go right into the Staff Quarters. Turn left and proceed to the Facility Administration which will be on the left-hand side. Attempt to use the door in here to find it locked. Balls.

Find a Keycard to Access San Cristobel Medical Wards

Go back into the corridor, turn left and carry on to the Security Desk. Take the opportunity to save your progress before using the Sevastolink Terminal, accessing Morley: Update and Codes from the Persona folder. Ignoring the fact that important codes are stored in unprotected folders that any old nosey sod can browse through willy nilly, make a note of the code (2505) and enter the passcode behind you, next to the save station.

Pick up the keycard and exit the room. Turn right and head to Facility Administration, using the keycard to unlock the door. Turn left, then head down the corridor to the right, following it to the Operating Theatre at the end and poke at the corpse in here.

Access San Cristobel Medical Reception

Go through to the Ambulance Bay, turn right and then right again to spot a vent in the floor. Don’t try to resist the inevitable. Get yourself into that vent and follow it to its end.

Initiate San Cristobel Medical Evaluation Procedures

Boot up the 2 generators on either side of this room and save your game before engaging in some more mini-game merriment using the Security Access Tuner in the middle of the room.

Escape Through San Cristobel Medical Reception

Hallelujah, the door is open! Have your stun baton at the ready to dispatch any errant androids that are looking to cause you trouble and for the love of god, avoid any juicy-looking ceiling ducts.

Head down the High Dependancy Unit hallway, then turn left and into the Operating Theatre once more. Go straight through here and in the next corridor, go right, then left at the end towards Medical Reception, handily referenced by a nearby sign.

Medical Reception will be on the right-hand side of the hallway. Pop through the door and follow the Exit signs until you trigger a cutscene.


We’re still escaping. Scoot up the ladders ahead of you and into the vents. You’ll come out near an elevator - get in to wrap up this mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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