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Assassin's Creed Origins: where to find and solve all 25 Papyrus Puzzles to earn the best loot

Solve the Papyrus Puzzle and find all high-end loot with this full walkthrough.

Papyrus Puzzles in Assassin's Creed Origins are two-stage quests that reward the player with XP, coins and cool gear. They kick off after you locate the initial Papyrus at a named location, where doing so will be listed as the location's objective.

For each puzzle you will need to find the papyrus with a clue on it, then find the location the papyrus is hinting at. Some locations are more obvious than others, but they all refer to distinctive landmarks around the map so keep an eye out for pools, buildings, temples, pyramids and anything else that looks out of place or distinctive. They are likely to have something hidden near them.

We've divided this guide by map region where you first find the initial Papyrus Puzzle, so if you're trying to clear them all, just scroll down or CTRL+F to the region you're searching in. If you're looking for the solution to a particular puzzle, we've listed each one by the name shown on the scroll when you view it in your inventor - so again just CTRL+F or use your mobile browser's find in page function.

Check out other pages from our Assassin's Creed Origins guide if you need more help.

How to solve Papyrus Puzzles

You have a number of tools to help you solve Papyrus Puzzles.

You can use your eagle, Senu, to scout out locations and buildings, tapping the left shoulder button to hover, slowing down time to have a good hunt around for interesting items. It will pick up Papyrus that are inside buildings and also any enemies around them, in case you want to avoid conflict. Some of these puzzles are in higher level areas or have tough enemies nearby, so eagle vision is a crucial tool for planning your approach.

Remember you can also hold L3 on your controller to get an overview of the objectives in a named location, so that's always a handy way to quickly check what loot is in your surrounding area - this works for Papyrus clues as well as the actual loot it alludes to.

Another handy tool is the photo mode in Assassin's Creed Origins. Check out the map and you'll see that other players can screengrab locations. Often, other players are pointing to hidden loot and other areas of interest which will help you solve Papyrus Puzzles.

Finally hold up on the d-pad to show the location of loot caches in the surrounding area, marked as little triangles. This shows up everything close by, so will lead you to pots full of coins as well as other items and is handy for highlighting loot that is either above or below you.

It's also worth noting that just because you found a Papyrus Puzzle in one region doesn't mean the loot is in the same location. Use those fast travel points to save your sore feet.


What loot do I get from Papyrus Puzzles?

Completing each Papyrus Puzzle gifts you 500 XP, 300 coins and most importantly, rare or legendary weapons or armour which will be at a level similar to your character level. The loot is random but we can say with experience it's worth tracking, particularly during the early stages of the game, to give you an advantage.

Don't forget you can upgrade weapons and armour at a blacksmith so long as you have enough coins in your purse.

We've broken down the location of each Papyrus Puzzle by name, location and solution in the list below.


A Long Drink

Papyrus location: Find the Papyrus in the House of Life, which can also be entered as part of a side quest.


Loot location: The papyrus says you're looking for a deep bowl, but it's actually a round pool. You'll find it near the bottom left hand of the lake, or follow a path east from the Siwa fast travel point. Dive into the pool and you'll retrieve your rewards.


Fertile Lands

Papyrus location: You can find this easily in the Hypostyle Hall as part of the Ambush in the Temple quest while playing hide and seek with the children.


Loot location: Head north west on the road, away from the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu. Follow that road until a small path branches to the left and follow that to an oasis. Inside this fenced off oasis with plenty of palm trees you'll find a smaller and walled off section with palm tree. The loot it hidden in the long grass.


Divided Valley

Papyrus location: This Papyrus is in the great library, which you'll enter when you first arrive as part of the main quest in Alexandria. Find it on a round table on a red carpet, the the lest of the entrance just before a set of stairs.


Loot location: Head to Sap Meh-Nohm and find the canyon in the middle of the region - it's part of a small river running off the main river. It's marked on the map as a Crocodile Lair. Climb up the canyon ledge and near a tree you'll find the loot.

Ray of Hope

Papyrus location: This is on the second level of the Tomb of Alexander the Great, behind a statue.

Loot location: Head to the Qattara Depression region where you'll find a valley near a small oasis to the west, at the base of the mountains. Look for the small tree here, and you'll find the loot at the base.

Nature's Way

Papyrus location: On a table in The Great Synagogue.


Loot location: Head to Kanopos Nome and look for a lone tree on the east side of the map, north of the synchronise point. You're looking for a couple of fallen trees, which are actually pointing to the smaller tree standing on its own. You'll find the loot at the base of the small tree.

The Stone Gaze

Papyrus location: In the lower left of the map in the Alexandria region is a temple where you'll find the papyrus housed inside.

Loot location: Travel to the southern island in Lake Mareotis, where there's a massive statue on the south of the island. The statue is looking directly at a tall column, and you'll find the loot behind that column on the floor.

Deafening Silence

Papyrus location: On the island to the north of Alexandria is a building called Iseion. Head to the back of the building to find the papyrus.


Loot location: Go to the smallest island in Alexandria, in the north (just to the east of where you found the Papyrus, or directly south of the Pharros Garrison) and you'll find the loot by following the fallen palm tree to where it points near the water's edge, next to a small pile of stones.


Dead End

Papyrus Location: in the very middle of the region is a farm, where you'll find the papyrus in a hut. Use Senu to find this one quickly.

Loot location: Head to Sapi-res Nome and look for the irrigation system on the east of the Nile, north of Lepotolis fast travel. You'll find the loot at the end of the irrigation system.

Sea of Sand

Papyrus location: Inside the Temple of Horus to the right of the statue that stands on the right.

Loot location: In Iment Nome, there's a shipwreck in the middle of the desert. You'll need to be here at dawn, or fast forward time to dawn yourself. Look out for the shadow of the ship's mast, which will form an X on the sand. This is where you'll find the loot. If it's a little off, search around the X in a small circle and you'll find the loot.


In Plain Sight

Papyrus location: In the Temple of Apries, on top of a book shelf.

Loot location: Head to Krokodilopolis and the island in the very south of the waters. The water in the streams and pits here are all discoloured, apart from one grey pit. This is where you'll find the loot.

Fallen Friend

Papyrus location: At the Temple of Ptah, sitting on a table.

Loot location: There are two statues at the Memphis canal and the one on the right is looking at a spot on the water. Follow his gaze and swim down to find a small sunken boat - its just ahead of the ship's mast sticking up out of the canal, and you'll claim the loot.

Burning Bush

Papyrus location: North east of the In Plain Sight papyrus, in Wabet

Loot location: In Ineb-Hedjet Nome is a large mountain but you don't want to be in that region, you want to stay in Memphis, just below the mountain to the far east of the map. Stand on the expanse of flat sand next to the Nile. There is one tree here standing on its own. This is where you'll find the loot.


Stone Fungus

Papyrus location: In Giza is the Eastern Cemetery Mastaba, to the east of the huge pyramid is a building where you can only enter through the roof - it's partially buried in sand.

Loot location: The papyrus clue suggests you climb to the top of the smallest pyramid and look for two "mushroom rocks". They are a way off in the distance and the rock you want is the smallest of the two, and yes, it does kind of look like a mushroom. You'll find the loot at the top of it.


The Leaning Tower

Papyrus location: In Karanis, you're looking for the Serapeion of Karanis. Climb to the second level onto the balcony to find the papyrus.

Loot location: Head to Dionysias Caravanserais just north of the restricted area where you'll find a leaning tower supported by scaffolding beams. You'll find the loot on the other side of the building, opposite to the beam supports.

The Blasphemer

Papyrus location: You'll find this papyrus in the Valley Market on a table with loads of scrolls.

Loot location: In Haueris Nome you'll find small pyramid monuments to the dead, each with a door on the side of them. Away from the huddle of these tombs and up on a ridge nearby you'll see one such pyramid on its own. This is where you'll find the loot.

Sobek's Rage

Papyrus location: In Krokodilopolis look for the Temple of Sobek to find the papyrus on the second level.

Loot location: Over the border into Haueris Nome there's a pyramid, and below that a stone statue looking at the back of a stone pharoah's head. And it's there you'll find the loot.

Just Laws

Papyrus location: At the House of Iwm on a table - this is actually in Faiyum Oasis rather than Faiyum itself.

Loot location: Head east to Atef-Pehu Nome to the main road that runs through it. Follow this road until you see clay smoking buildings (you'll see the smoke from a distance). If you're riding north on this road the clay smoking building you want is on the left with the loot on top of it.


Toth's Secret

Papyrus location: You'll find this near Hermopolis in the Temple of Thoth.

Loot location: In Uab Nome there's a leopard's den with a tree branch poking out over the water. Climb it and leap off, where you'll land in a small cave and find the loot next to your soft landing.


Twin Despair

Papyrus location: Find the Temple of Khonsou in the top right of the map to find the papyrus.

Loot location: Travel east to the Yw Huts which are partially under water. There are two houses here, one in the water and one without a roof. There's a tree close by with its roots in the water and it's here you'll find the loot.

Royal Flora

Papyrus location: Head to Natho to Galenos' House and on the second floor you'll find the papyrus.

Loot location: There is a huge, wide tree in the south east of Herakleion Nome and at the base you'll find the loot. It's not far from a restricted area camp.


Wet Work

Papyrus location: Head to the north and the Oracle of Apollo where you'll find the papyrus inside the cave building.

Loot location: This one's obvious - go to the aqueduct and follow the wooden structure into the cave. Dive in the water and you'll find a small alcove with two barrels and the loot.

Forsaken City

Papyrus location: Head to Balagrae and then Asklepieion, a restricted area. You'll find the papyrus inside a small circular building here.

Loot location: Go to the Paraitonion region, and in the south you'll find an abandoned village. There's one small building with no roof on top of hill and it's here you'll find the loot.


Undue Haste

Papyrus location: You'll find this papyrus in the Temple of Zeus.

Loot location: Find the lighthouse marked on your map right up north and look underneath a small wrecked ship on the coastline here where you'll find the loot.

Underground Currents

Papyrus location: In the Tomb of Battos you'll find the papyrus. Climb the tomb from the outside and drop down into the centre to grab it.

Loot location: Head to Cyrene in the Green Mountains and look for the source of the water - a waterfall - that flows from the top of the rocks. Here you'll find the loot.


Dead or Alive

Papyrus location: You'll find this papyrus in the Apollonion of Cyrene.

Loot location: Head to the Green Mountains and the Roman Camp of Surus where you need to fight the elephant in the Arena here. It's in the arena between the water and the fence. We recommend taking care of the elephant first before it takes care of you.

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