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Battlefield Hardline guide: the best guns for each class

Put your money where you mouth is. These are the best guns for each of the four classes in Battlefield Hardline.


Battlefield Hardline guide: the best guns for each class

If we have to have a disclaimer it's that you'll want to get the best gun for your own style of play and we recommend that you try as many different combos out as possible in the early stages of the game to see what suits you best. But, after hours in multiplayer, we reckon you can't go wrong with pairing the following weapons with each class.

These recommendations can be especially useful if you want to try out a different class to the one you're most comfortable with (and you should) but need to know which weapon to equip so you're not going into battle completely blind.

The Operator - M416


This is the best gun in the Operator class in terms of statistics. The problem here is that to unlock it for play with the Cop faction you'll need to earn the M416 License Assignment. You do that by getting 1,250 kills while playing as the Criminal, which shouldn't take you too long.

The M416 is a great all-round gun and is more accurate than the default R0933. It has a faster rate of fire, does more damage, has a better range and is more accurate. Fit a surpressor to this the first chance you get and it's a reliable gun for the majority of situations.

The Mechanic - MP5K or MPX


We're cheating a little bit here by suggesting two guns but to be honest they're both comparable. For the Criminal faction the MPX requires the License Assignment, so you'll need to get 1,250 kills as a Cop to unlock it. The MP5K is ideal for close quarters. The stats are the same as the MPX apart from it has a higher rate of fire and a shorter range, meaning it's great in tight buildings with lots of enemies. As with most weapons, stick a good suppressor on it as soon as you have the cash to afford one.

The Enforcer - 870p Magnum or SCAR-H


These are two completely different types of weapon and your choice depends on how you want to play as the Enforcer class. The 870p Magnum is a great shotgun and it's availble to both factions for the get-go. It has good range for a shotgun and packs a real punch in the damage department - handy for taking apart internal walls in The Block map too. If you don't want to spend a lot of hard-earned cash on other guns, the 870p Magnum is consistently reliable.

If you want to play your Enforcer with a little more tactical depth then stick to medium range attacks and adopt the SCAR-H. It doesn't have a high rate of fire so you'll lose battles up close with it - but it does solid damage and is accurate over distance. This is for the player who likes to circle buildings and shoot in from the outside rather than storm into them and fight up close. To use it with the Criminal class you'll need to earn the License Assignment, so get gunning for 1,250 kills as a Cop.

The Professional - R700 LTR


When it comes to sniper rifles we go for Bolt Action every time, because one bullet should be enough to drop an enemy. There are good Semi-Auto sniper rifles out there, but they do less damage than Bolt Action and usually take more than one bullet to kill. That's seems counterproductive to the point of sniping from a distance: we want one-hit, one-kill.

The R700 LTR is available for the Cop faction, but Criminals will need to unlock it with the License Assignment. If you can't wait for that, use the Scout Elite in a pinch, but it's not the best sniper rifle in the game and should only be used as a stop-gap.

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