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Black Desert Online: how to use nodes and workers

It's a confusing system, but mastering nodes and workers is key to earning money in Black Desert Online. We're here to help.

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Black Desert Online: how to use nodes and workers

Investing in Nodes and then having Workers do their thing within those Nodes is a vital way of making money and other resources in Black Desert Online – but it can be a slightly obtuse system to newcomers. How do you get workers? How do you invest in nodes? Here’s what you need to know:

Investing in Nodes

Nodes are essentially spheres of influence that you can ‘invest’ in with Contribution Points. Doing so will open up options within that node such as buying houses, crafting, gathering, and setting up trade routes. Almost all of these things can be used as a route to better equipment and a better character, or at the very least a lot of money that you can spend.

There’s no cap on how early you can start getting into the node game – as soon as you reach the first major city, you’re able to begin if you’re so inclined. The rewards are small to begin with, but grow significantly larger as time passes.

In order to get your hands on a node you’ll need to find the nearest city on your map, and then find the node. Right click the node on the map, and then auto-run there. It’ll lead you to an NPC – that person is in charge of the node-related shenanigans for that city. Ask that NPC about investing, and you’ll pay to do so in contribution points. This NPC is also used to level up nodes.

Connecting Nodes

Nodes only cover the space around their city, and though they can be upgraded to widen their (and therefore your) sphere of influence by spending energy, the ultimate goal is to be involved with multiple nodes and then connect them. You must work out from your first node, sequentially connecting them.

All of this can be easily seen on the world map. Nodes that are connected are lit up in yellow, and nodes that are not connected are white. Nodes that are too far from your current node empire are represented with no line at all – simple.

Once Nodes are connected, you can trade between them, buying and selling items and resources, as detailed in our guide on how to make some fast money. However, you don’t have to do this alone…

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Hiring Workers

Once you have nodes, the next step to maximize your money-making potential is to bring on some workers to do some of the hard work in your stead. Capitalism! I love it.

Hiring a worker costs 5 energy and around 3000 silver – if you need tips on how to get hold of those, check our EXP guide and money guide.

In order to start hiring, you’ll need to find the Worker Supervisor in that node. While in the city, use the ‘Find NPC’ button, and hit the Worker button – it’ll lead you right to them. The Supervisor will allow you to pull a random person – and then you can hire them.

There are three types of worker – Goblins, Giants, and Humans. Goblins work fast, but have low stamina. Giants are the reverse, slow but long-lasting. Humans are between the two. There’s also special boosted workers – ‘Skilful’ or ‘Artisan’ workers – that appear at random. If one of these crops up, hire them immediately.

The more workers you hire, the more space you’ll need to lodge them – houses can be purchased within cities for yourself, then set as ‘lodging’ in order to house your workers.

Getting to Work

Once you’ve got workers, you can set them to work by heading to the Node Manager for the area you’re in – the same person you used to set up the node – to instruct them to focus on certain areas. This’ll cost contribution points.

Workers can do a number of things for you – they can Craft, Gather and Trade – and they do everything automated while you’re out in the world doing what you need to do to feel a hero. As such, workers are a great way to make money – and if you keep expanding with more lodging and food in order to hire more workers, you’ll have a trade empire in no time at all.

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