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Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love | Clouds VIP area, Woodman

In the aftermath of the Relic job, V needs track down the client who get them into this mess in the first place. Their one lead: Lizzie's Bar, where you start Cyberpunk 2077's Automatic Love quest.

To start, call Judy Alvarez by opening your phone menu. Then speak to her as much as you like, before asking after Evelyn. She tells you to drop it, but telling Judy that she’s your only lead updates your objective to meet her at Lizzie’s bar.

Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Quest

With the added impetus of a contact on the inside, head to Lizzie's Bar and speak to the Mox bouncer outside. Head down into the basement to speak to Judy.

You walk in on an argument between Susie Q - who runs Lizzie's Bar and the Mox gang - and Judy. You can talk to her about it, or cut to the chase.

During the conversation, with Cool 5 you can quip back, or you can just press further - follow her into the server room and she’ll level with you.

Pick up Evelyn’s cigarette case, which leads you to the Clouds club in megatower H8.

As you leave, Judy will ask you to wait up - agree to let her know how Evelyn is and she’ll be appreciative. Judy's an important character who features a lot throughout the game, and is a romanceable character if you're playing as a female V.

Follow the quest marker out of the club through the manager’s office, snagging the 700 eddies from the safe as you walk past.

With 9 Reflexes you can ask Susie about their argument, but your main objective is the Megabuilding over in Westbrook. This might be the first time you’ve headed to a different part of Night City, so get ready to take in the sights.

Megabuilding H8 is run by the Tyger Claws, so when you arrive mosey on past the toughs outside and over to the elevator. Hit the button Clouds - it’s on the 12th floor.

With Intel 8 you can quiz the receptionist and ask after Evelyn, but either way she’ll press you to jack in.

Should you pick Angel or Skye?

Choose a safeword and choose a doll: Angel is the dude, Skye is the woman.

There's no functional difference between the two lines, you'll still have to come to the same conclusion, so it's down to personal preference.

To confirm your selection and continue the quest, pay the cheap fee and toss your weapons in the bin - you won't really need them. If you've got the Mantis Blades or Gorilla Arms Cyberware, then you're still armed.

Have a look around the Clouds club floor before going to your booth and you can hack a safe next to the toilets with Technical Ability and Intelligence 5.

In your booth, speak to the doll and ask after Evelyn, then talk through your therapy session.

Eventually, you'll have no other option than to say your safeword and speak to the real Skye or Angel. Ask them about Evelyn, and they'll be hesitant to play along.

You can either threaten them or pay for some more info. I paid just because it wasn't very much, and they said that Evelyn was attacked by a customer and to talk to Tom. They also let on that Evelyn's booth was number 11, and you can find Tom upstairs in the VIP area in booth 2.

Searching Evelyn's Booth

Before you make your way upstairs, it's a good idea to finish your business on the main Clouds floor.

Walk just down the hall from either Angel or Skye's booth and you'll get to Evelyn's. Inside booth 11, you find bloodstains, a missing doll port, and a police holoview by scanning the surroundings. It turns out Evelyn was the one to instigate the incident, and there's a lot more going on here than we first thought.

Looks like it's time to talk to Tom.

How to get to the VIP area of Clouds

To get your VIP credentials, you need to walk to the back of the club floor and listen in on the altercation by the stairs.

When a second gangster comes down to sort out the hubbub, he goes for a wee in the bathroom. Follow him in, grab him, and take him out, dumping the body in the bin next to the washrooms. In his pocket you'll find the authorization for the VIP area upstairs.

With the chip in hand, walk upstairs and cross the room to booth 2, then ask Tom about Evelyn.

With Reflexes 9 you can press Tom on where she’s gone, and he points you to Woodman in the back office.

Hack the cameras into friendly mode then slip through the "No Entry" door when no one’s looking.

You need to sneak through the corridor to avoid detection from the adjoining room, and if you don’t have Body 9 or Technical Ability 7, you’ll need to sneak through the lounges on the left to get through to the office. Watch out for the guards on the sofa and keep an eye on their vision cones to slip through undetected.

We'll assume that you can get through the side door, but either way, there are two important rooms to visit before you crash Woodman's office.

On your left just as you come through the Body or Tech door (or around to the right if you've come through the lounges), there's a server room. Grab the schedule log from the side table for some leveraging info - it’s by the door.

Then in the locker room on your right you can grab Evelyn’s schedule and handbag for yet more clues.

What to do with Woodman

Now head into the office, talk to Woodman and strike a deal.

You can offer to deal with his netrunner problem with Intelligence 8, or pay for the info, or threaten him. He won’t bite on the bribe, or threats, and will attack you if you push it. Choosing the violent route will mean that you have to scour his computer after a brief boss fight. This will also have an effect on later side quests with Judy.

However, if you pass that intelligence check, Woodman just tells you what you need to know.

Either way, you now have a new lead, a ripperdoc on Jig-Jig Street: Fingers.

After he's given you the info, you can either hold up your end of the bargain with Intelligence 8, or hold out if you're hankering for a fight.

Now it's time to high tail it out of there, either back the way you came, or through the elevator in the hall you get to through his office back door.

Back out in the megabuilding, talk through the conversation before calling to update Judy about Evelyn. Next stop: jig-jig street.

This technically starts another connected quest as well, The Space in Between

Fingers' Shop on Jig-Jig Street

Follow the quest marker to the backstreet ripperdoc. Talk to the Thugs outside, and to avoid a fight, use Body 5 or the StreetKid Lifepath.

Make your way upstairs, and Judy will be there to help out, but even though the doctor is in, you're at the back of the line.

You have a few options here:

  • You can bust the door down with Body 7
  • Talk the women into letting you cut with Cool 5
  • Convince them with Body 5
  • Throw them 900 eddies for their trouble
  • Or just let time pass and wait your turn

Through whatever means, when it's your turn head inside and ask after Evelyn.

Fingers will be intimidated enough by the Mox to talk to a certain extent - and with Technical Ability 8 you can pick him up on selling faulty implants.

Push him on Evelyn and you have a few options: play nice, lean on your Mox connection, lean on the Woodman, or sock him in the chops.

First, push the Woodman connection and he’ll talk about how he brought her to him. He’ll try to act tough to Judy, but threaten to punch him and he’ll squeal.

Fingers puts you onto an illicit BD studio. But before you go, take his Iconic Cottonmouth Sledgehammer from the bed. Not only is it electrified, but can also poison enemies.

Speak to Judy as you leave and you'll start a new quest: Disasterpiece.

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