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Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind | Should you reset, merge, or destroy?

Is it sad that your best friend in Night City is a taxi? You've been through thick and thin together by this point, so after another cryptic call from Delamain asking for help, it's time to burn rubber over to his HQ building to lend a hand. This starts the Don't Lose Your Mind quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Following on from the events of Epistrophy, it looks like Delamain is having further issues with his divergent personalities. So when you reach the front desk, he's not in the right state to answer. Based on the blank expression and opening and shutting doors, it's safe to assume he’s not okay.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don't Lose Your Mind - How to get inside the building

To get inside the HQ, head back out to the street and around the right hand side of the building. There’s a Technical Ability 8 door here.

Or go all the way around to the alley at the back, jump onto the roof and open the hatch there.

Now go to the marked office and hack the terminal inside. It needs intelligence to hack, but you don't need to to solve a Breach Protocol. If you don't have the required stats, just use the terminal and enter the code 1234.

Click over to the local network tab to open the double doors.

To get through the next set of doors, use the terminal in front of you and again use that network tab to open the doors.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don't Lose Your Mind - How to get to the control room

In the next room, your first destination is the set of stairs directly in front of you. Wait for the bot to stop shooting its laser and sprint and jump over there.

Next, crouch under the two bots blocking the gangway, then go through the door and down the hatch on your right.

At the bottom push the Delamain cab on your left to give you something to jump to, then hop to the repair bay where you can see an exit hatch underneath the car.

From the sublevel, go into the central corridor, turn left, then take the first left to get to the next bay and go up through the hatch.

You can now get behind the repair bay and have a clear path forward.

Look right and there’s a path to climb up above using the car in the repair bay.

Walk across the catwalk, then drop down the other side and cross the room.

Be careful not to get run over, because it seems to kill you instantly.

On the other side, climb up over the office near the back wall, get to the other side and crouch through the gap.

Drop through the gap and you’ll be at the control centre.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don't Lose Your Mind - Should your reset, merge, or destroy?

Before you hit the button, Johnny stands in your way. Concerned that you're about to squish a load of sentient AIs for no good reason, he wants you to either destroy the core, or merge the divergent AIs with Delamain’s main personality.

You can destroy the core by shooting it, but you'll need reasonably high intelligence to be able to merge.

Or you can disagree with Johnny and reset Delamain completely.

Without going into spoilers, Johnny is probably right if you play through all three endings, but merging the personalities could be considered the "best" resolution.

However, you want a more detailed summary of what happens:

If you merge Delamain:

  • Johnny is pleased with you, which affects the relationship between you. Your friendship with Johnny affects the ending of Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Delamain achieves a new level of sentience, leaving the city to pursue new endeavours
  • This leaves a friendly version of Delamain in charge of the taxi company - Junior
  • You get your own version of his car to drive around

If you destroy the core:

  • Johnny is stoked
  • The old Delamain is deleted, but the divergent AIs are free to roam in their cars
  • A new personality, Excelsior, is left behind in Delamain's last car
  • You still get your own cab to add to your vehicle garage

If you don’t merge them:

  • Johnny is not happy, which again, can affect the ending
  • The complete reset means that Delamain doesn’t remember who you are and your scrapes together
  • You still receive the same vehicle as a reward however

Whatever you choose, drive your shiny new taxi out of the garage and the quest completes.

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