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Dark Souls 3: Anri of Astora

Is it love? Or just heartburn?


Dark Souls 3: Anri of Astora

Major spoilers.

Anri of Astora is a prince or princess and a romantic interest of sorts; their gender will always be opposite of the player. (Since Dark Souls 3 lets you alter your appearance significantly after selecting a gender, and there are no other in-game ramifications, you can manipulate this to suit your romantic ideals.) The full details of Anri's quest are still under investigation, but they are a key figure in unlocking he third ending.

You first meet Anri and companion Horace the Hushed at the Halfway Fortress. Speak to them both to secure their later appearances and collect the Blue Sentinels covenant sigil.

Return to Firelink Shrine after defeating Deacons of the Deep to have another chat with Anri.

Look for Anri in the Catacombs of Carthus to learn they have lost Horace. Find Horace in Smouldering Lake via Abandoned Tomb, then speak to Anri again at a second location before you beat High Lord Wolnir. You choices in this area have profound consequences, as detailed below.

  • Leave Horace alive, do not speak with Anri before beating High Lord Wolnir:
    Anri dies in the Catacombs of Carthus after you defeat High Lord Wolnir. This is a premature end to their quest and you do not obtain any unique loot or outcomes.
  • Leave Horace alive, speak with Anri before beating High Lord Wolnir:
    Anri leaves the Catacombs of Carthus and their story continues, but Yuria leaves Firelink Shrine and the third ending is closed off.
  • Kill Horace, speak with Anri before killing High Lord Wolnir:
    Anri gives you the Ring of the Evil Eye, leaves the Catacombs of Carthus and their story continues. The third ending remains available.

Meet with Anri again at the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. The quest now branches; there is an pilgrim disguised as a statue in this room you can elect to kill or ignore - and you must decide now, as Anri leaves the area shortly.

  • Kill the pilgrim in the room:
    Collect the Chameleon spell. This will cause Yruia to leave Firelink Shrine and close off the third ending. Look for a summon sign on the way to the Alritch boss fight and you will be transported to Anri's world to help them kill the boss (return to your own world if things go badly, as you want Anri to live). Speak to Ludleth after defeating Anri's version of Aldlrich to receive Anri's Straight Sword. If you visit the Smouldering Lake after this, Anri will attack you.
  • Leave the pilgrim alone:
    Seek out Anri at Darkmoon Tomb; use the lever near the Anor Londo bonfire and go down the stairs. If Yuria is still present in your game (see her entry above), you will be able to marry Anri, unlocking the third ending. Return to this location to collect the Chameleon spell and, some time later in the game, Anri's Straight Sword.

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