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The Daughters of Lalaia choices guide - Weapons or Armor? Caches or Scouts?

As if it wasn’t stuffed with enough Ancient Greek goodness already, a new Lost Tale of Greece has been added to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Daughters of Lalaia. Like a lot of the quests you encounter during the Eagle-Bearer’s journey, there are a few key decisions that can mean life or death for the characters involved. Here are the best choices you can make during the Daughters of Lalaia to get the best ending.

Daughters of Lalaia Quest Guide

While some choices appear earlier in the quest line, there are two decisions that seem to be the biggest roadblocks in the DLC. The first is where the Lalaia blacksmith asks you whether to focus on weapons or armor. While the second arises when the Eagle-Bearer has to choose to side with one character over another on a course of action.

Be aware that this page contains spoilers for quest objectives in the Daughters of Lalaia line, but I’ll try to the keep the descriptions vague.

This guide focuses on keeping all of the major characters in the story alive so you can get the ‘happiest’ ending to the quest.

Ore of Aphrodite quest - Weapons or Armor?

During the preparations in Lalaia, you’ll be asked by the town blacksmith to procure some special ore for smelting equipment.

It’s not too hard to find on the walls and floor of the cave at the end of the quest marker, but when you return you’ll be presented with an ambiguous choice: do you want to focus on building weapons or armor?

Since your objective in Lalaia is to keep the townspeople as safe as possible, choose to protect them with more armor. And let’s face it, as the demi-god-like Eagle-Bearer you won’t need much help taking on the Sons of Xerxes.

The Best Defence quest - Scouts or Caches

The next choice that you have to make is much more important. Deciding to the take the fight to the Sons of Xerxes, Thyia and Periktione have competing plans on what to do next.

The choice will then be turned over to you: Assault caches of weapons that the Sons have stored, or hunt down and kill their scouts.

To keep everyone alive in the quest, you must choose to hunt down the spies.

You can find the Sons of Xerxes scouts at the locations below (although they wander around so they might be in slight different places):

Following this path should lead you towards the best outcome that you can get from the quest!

If you're diving back into Assassin's Creed Odyssey with the DLC, maybe you'll want to start the Legacy of the First Blade DLC too.

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