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Destiny 2 Astral Alignment guide and how to fix Astral Alignment not working

The Astral Alignment seasonal activity has some big problems affecting progression.

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment is the season’s new activity available through February 2022 when the Witch Queen expansion releases.

It’s also part of the season’s new Wayfinder’s Voyage quest, but there’s a slight problem. You probably won’t see the activity through to the end the first time, not until Bungie patches it, at least.

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment | Astral Alignment not working

It might be worth waiting on this one until Bungie issues some patches. As of the time of publication, Astral Alignment has at least three significant bugs that can prevent you from completing the quest.

Should you encounter any of these bugs, the only way to proceed until Bungie patches it is exiting the challenge and restarting.

How to complete Destiny 2 Astral Alignment | Charge the Compass

The first task is a simple one. Defeat the enemy waves swarming the charging area, and then insert your Compass into the charger terminal to start phase two.

Note that some Astral Alignment missions load with a bug and stick you in an existing match. If your Astral Alignment begins without you fighting enemies near the Blind Well, it’s likely one of those bugged missions. Save yourself the trouble and exit the match immediately to try again.

How to complete Destiny 2 Astral Alignment | Collapse Taken Rifts and Activate the Beacon

The next stage also pits you against waves of enemies, but your goal this time is a specific type of Taken. Target the ones with circles over their heads, and collect the Taken Essence they drop.

Use the Essence at Rifts where the Taken are spawning to clear this phase. Be prepared for more difficult foes to pop up during this part, though.

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment | Prevent the Ether Harvest

The Ether Harvest is another aspect that might be bugged. Most players are reporting this branch almost always prevents them from finishing the quest, though some are still able to complete it.

If your quest proceeds as planned, here’s what Prevent the Ether Harvest asks of you. Your goal is protecting the harvester from the blue orbs attacking it and defending the Servitors. The harvester location changes during the phase, so expect to be on the move often.

Destiny 2 Prevent the Ether Harvest bug

Bungie acknowledged an issue with this phase and is working on a fix that should go live around 1 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. BST on August 25. Until then, or if the patch doesn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to leave the encounter and restart Astral Alignment.

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment | Install the Batteries

This branch of Astral Alignment is a bit more active. You need to take the batteries to the stage’s center for charging while fending off more Taken hordes. The large Taken with shields won’t take damage until you finish charging the cells, but there’s a catch to doing that.

Carrying batteries slows you down, and you’re afflicted with the Exhausted status for a short time after 18 seconds of carrying them. Exhausted means you can’t carry anything else for the next 10 seconds, so you’ll want to plan with your team to finish this phase in a timely manner without dying.

Destiny 2 Install the Batteries bug

Sometimes, the batteries won’t actually spawn or, if they do, enemies can knock them off the map. Like the other bugs, the only current fix for this bug is exiting and restarting. Bungie hasn’t said anything about this one yet, though a patch is likely on the way to resolve all issues.

If you were able to finish the quest, the next step is continuing the new Destiny 2 quest Wayfinder’s Voyage. Make sure to start Tracing the Stars after completing Wayfinder’s Voyage I to grab this week’s item, a Stasis hand cannon. Stasis weapons and aspects received a buff this season, so it’s worth adding to your arsenal.

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