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Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams and how to find Shattered Realm beacons

This week's Shattered Realm challenge is more straightforward than the last, but also more dangerous.

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams is the week’s new Shattered Realm event.

It’s a complete refresh of the Shattered Realm and offers a different kind of challenge. Aligning the beacons might be more straightforward this time, but the enemies awaiting you are only too keen to bring you down.

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams | How to start Shattered Realm Debris of Dreams

Debris of Dreams shows up as an available challenge you can access from the menu. Choose it, then navigate to the Shattered Realm entrance, where Mara Sov gives you a short briefing on what to expect.

Waves of Scorn enemies will swarm you after aligning each beacon, and your goal is defending it from harm. We recommend crowd control abilities such as Witherhoard to make this quest much easier.

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams | Debris of Dreams Beacon 1

The first beacon is a little ways away from the entrance, but the path to it is straightforward. Keep moving ahead once you arrive in the Shattered Realm, and try not to get bogged down — or murdered — by the Scorn. They’re out in force.

The path leads you up a hill and to a building under the moon. Enter it, align the beacon, and get ready to deal with Scorn approaching from all sides. The only noteworthy thing about this wave is at the end, when an Overload Champion appears.

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams | Debris of Dreams Beacon 2

The second beacon is also easy to find. Go back to the large, floating platform in the Shattered Realm’s central area, and you’ll see the beacon’s light. Follow it through the industrial area and hop over to the beacon.

This time, you’ll contend with Unstoppable Champions as you begin clearing out waves.

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams | Debris of Dreams Beacon 3

Face away from the beacon, and enter the doorway in front of you. Climb the ladder, turn left, and interact with the teleportation device.

The third beacon is directly in front of you, and it summons a Fortified Scorn Walker who, itself, summons numerous other Scorn. Linear Fusion Rifles are the best weapon to use in this fight. Aim for the leg plates and also the Scorn Walker’s engines once they’re exposed.

The free Lorentz Driver rifle is a good choice for this fight. Once you’re finished, that takes care of this step in Destiny 2’s new Wayfinder’s Voyage quest. If you’re also working on completing this week’s Tracing the Stars, we’ve got the new Atlas Skews locations listed as well.

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