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Destiny: Rise of Iron - here's how to get the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Auto Rifle

Earlier we posted a story on how to get a head start on acquiring the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Auto Rifle in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Now, here's a video showing you how to actually get your hands on it.

In the video above, Arekkz goes over the steps you need to get your own version of the Exotic.

If you happen to have the original Khvostov, here's how to shortcut the Khvostov Exotic quest in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The video above will take you through that bit starting around the 4:57 mark.

If you are not already in possession of the Khvostov, you can still be given the mission to acquire the Exotic. Just know it will take a bit longer to get it.

Assuming you don't have the Khvostov, here's the full rundown:

  • Collect the Khvostov from the Ketch in the Plaguelands

    You need to travel to the Plguelands version of the Breach, an area of the Cosmodrome. From Lord's Watch, the Plaguelands spawn zone, head through the Foundry to the Rocketyard, then through The Divide to reach the Breach. Jump up the gangplank into the Ketch (a big Fallen ship) and search the back right corner for a chest. This is only accessible in Plaguelands patrol mode.

  • Speak to Shiro at the Iron Temple

    Shiro will give you a fetch quest.

  • Collect Khvostov manual pages and Khvostov parts

    Manual pages are random drops from enemies in the Plaguelands and you'll have no trouble. We have a visual guide to Khvostov parts locations, though; that bit's quite tricky.

  • Speak to Shiro at the Iron Temple

    Shiro will give you one last mission.

  • Complete the mission A Khvostov Rising

    This mission involves a boss fight against a spruced-up Splicer Captain, so bring plenty of ammo and some good gear. If you struggle with the fight, run to the opposite end of the arena from the captain and pick off all the adds (especially the Servitors!) from a distance with a sniper or scout rifle. After the boss fight you get the Exotic and must clear some Fallen from The Breach.

That wasn't so hard, was it? One down, three to go.

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