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Destiny: Rise of Iron patrol symbols - quarantine, kill, assassination and more

Looking for a particular patrol mission symbol in Destiny: Rise of Iron? We got you covered.


Destiny: Rise of Iron adds a new kind of patrol mission, and reuses the old patrol symbols from previous releases.

It's important to know your way around these patrol symbols as several very important Rise of Iron quests call for the completion of specific patrol mission types.

There's the Patrol With It Rise of Iron Record Book entry to consider, for example, or the mysterious "anomaly" objective in Echoes of the Past, the Year 3 Gjallarhorn Exotic quest.

So here's a quick guide to patrol symbols in Destiny: Rise of Iron.


Quarantine patrol symbol

Quarantine missions task you with killing an Elite (yellow) Splicer unit, then holding a sealed zone from wave attack - but you do get an axe to help you out. It's sort of like an Archon's Forge taster. The Quarantine patrol symbol is the Siva mark - a sort of zig zag thing, as shown above.


Kill patrol symbol

Kill patrols are simple - just murder a number of enemies. You can go for any enemy type; all that matters is the headcount. The Kill patrol symbol is four little triangles arranged like an X around a larger diamond.


Assassination patrol symbol

One of the rarer patrol missions, Assassination patrols are also known as VIP or High Value Target missions, depending on who you talk to. Look for a star in a diamond in a circle. In these missions you'll be guided to an Elite (yellow) unit, so it's sort of like a mini boss fight. You get higher rewards for these than for the other standard patrol types.


Anomaly or Scan patrol symbol

The patrol symbol that looks like a Ghost indicates something you'll need to investigate with your talking PDA. In vanilla Destiny and The Taken King these are called Scan missions, but in Rise of Iron it sometimes indicates an "Anomaly" - notably during the Echoes of the Past quest.


Kill and Collect patrol symbol

These are not the same as Kill missions. You need to target a specific enemy Faction or sometimes even specific unit types, then collect the loot they drop. You can check your target by bringing up your Ghost to read the mission details. The drop rates are usually pretty high, but if you find you're having no luck you can often kick it back into gear by travelling to a new zone. The Kill and Collect patrol symbol is an item triangle, just like you'll collect during the mission. Sometimes these are called Item missions.


Survey patrol symbol

The official worst patrol mission has you going to a usually inconvenient and boring place to stand still for several seconds. Unless you're lucky enough to end up somewhere with lots of enemies, it's pretty dull stuff - but useful when you're learning your way around. The Survey patrol symbol is a compass. Sometimes these are called Scout missions.

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