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Far Cry 5 perk guide - how to get perk points

Progression is slightly different in Far Cry 5, so let VG247 talk you through how it all works.

In Far Cry 5, you get stronger by completing challenges and earning perk points. These points are handed out once you reach certain milestones, then you are free to pump them into whatever skills you desire.

Let's have a look at Far Cry 5’s challenges and what perk points they unlock, so you can spend your time wisely.

Far Cry 5 challenges and perk points

Perk point challenges are split into four categories, so you will want to spread your interest across all kinds of activities if you want to unlock things in an optimal manner. Here are the four categories, what you need to do to unlock perk points, and which ones are most worth your time.

Assault Perks

Assault Perks reward you for raining down death and destruction on the cult across Hope County, Montana. You get between one and four perk points for every single challenge you complete in this category. Here are some examples:

  • Kills - you get between 1-4 perk points for completing kill challenges. For instance, ten SMG and sniper kills will land you two perk points each, while 20 arrow kills and ten flamethrower kills will net you three perk points each.
  • You can also bag two perk points for ticking off the required kill amounts with throwables such as knives, molotovs, dynamite, and grenades.
  • Run ten people over and you will bag a single perk point.
  • For a massive four perk points, you need to kill five enemies that are over 150 meters away.
  • There are also perk awards for killing people with perks. Perky, eh? For example, four Death from Above kills will get you three perk points, while three Saboteur kills will get you the same.

World perks

There are only four awards available in the World Perks category, so have a look at them below.

  • Two perk points are awarded for consuming homeopathics.
  • Play 60 mins in co-op for three points.
  • Cover long distances in your wingsuit for two.
  • Save hostages for two.

Guns for hire perks

This category is all about getting use out of your allies. Far Cry 5 lets you recruit NPC helpers, be they animals or human. Let them rack up kills for you and they will get better at their job. You also get perk points for doing so. Here’s what each of them gives you.

  • Get kills with your fighters, Boomer the dog, and Peaches the dog for three perk points.
  • Get kills with Grace, Cheeseburger the bear, Jess Black, Hurk, Adelaide, Sharky for two perk points.

Hunting perks

Because this is still a Far Cry game, you can hunt and kill animals. You won’t be using their hides to craft, however - the stuff you collect from dead animals is simply sold on for money. On top of that money, perk points are available for skinning every animal in the game. Not dogs, though. Here are the animals that are worth three perk points for hunting a set amount of.

  • Catch paddlefish and sturgeon in the fishing minigame.
  • Shoot down and skin eagles.
  • Skin grizzly bears.
  • Skin Cougars.
  • Skin moose.
  • Skin bison.
  • Skin caribou.

All the other animals can be skinned for perks as well, but they are all worth fewer perk points. In other words, make a beeline for these if you see them.

Prepper Stashes

If you come across a prepper stash in Far Cry 5, raid it immediately. These are highlighted on your map with a diamond icon. Discover the stash and you will be rewarded with a bunch of perk magazines, granting you perk points, along with a load of cash.

If you want to know what to spend your perk points on, check out our Far Cry 5 perks guide for different character builds.

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