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Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool unlock - How to solve Suigetsu pool puzzle

No dive, only puzzles.

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool is a new one-time Domain on Watatsumi Island, but to enter it, you have to complete Genshin Impact’s Suigetsu pool puzzle first.

The puzzle is fairly straightforward, but only if you know what you’re doing. There’s also a second step after the main puzzle that’s easy to miss unless you know where to look.

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool - How to complete Suigetsu pool puzzle

The Suigetsu pool puzzle involves a set of Electro totems and compasses. Summon an Electrogranum from the sakura bush, and approach a compass. Stand near the totem so the compass points at it. You’ll see a flash of purple light telling you “yes, this is correct,” but make sure to walk behind the totem before moving on to the next. The compasses aren’t locked in position and will point towards you as you leave if you’re too close.

Repeat this for all the compasses to unlock the Electro totems. Now switch to a character who can apply Electro fast, such as Fischl or Sara, and activate each totem. This lowers the pool’s water level a bit, but it still covers the Domain.

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool - Suigetsu pool puzzle part 2

Drop down into the water, and swim under the stone archway. Mind your stamina, since it’s a long swim to the end of the corridor. Instead of going through the next archway, climb up the root to your right. You might have to do this a few times. Hydro slimes lurk nearby, and it’s easy to get knocked off and drown if your stamina is already low.

Activate the three wall panels to open the gate, go through, and turn around. You’ll see a Relay Stone over your head and some broken flooring. Climb up there, then activate the mechanisms you find to finally drain all the water.

This also empties the corridor below, and you’ll need the Electro Seelie there to complete the Relay link around the pool if you want the treasure there.

That’s it for how to unlock Palace in a Pool in Genshin Impact. If you’re still catching up in the 2.1 update though, we’ve got detailed guides on how to fish, how to get the new polearm The Catch, and where to grab Amakumo Fruit and for Sara and Baal.

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