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Grounded: Where to find Berry Leather, Grub Hide, Weed Stems

While Grounded is still in its larval stage, there are more resources to collect than even the mightiest ant could lug around. So despite being light on story content, it can be tough to track down everything you need in Obsidian’s latest adventure.

Some of the item locations we’ll list below are vital to fundamental elements of the game, while others are just constituent parts of things that aren’t truly essential, but are nice to have all the same.

When you’re building your base, then you will definitely need to stock up on Weed Stems - but what you need to actually lay hands on them isn’t super clear.

Or if you’re trying to make water intake a little more convenient while you’re exploring, then you need to find some Grubs for Grub Hide.

And if you’ve already spent a good deal of time with Grounded and want to take on the toughest mini-beasts with the strongest armour, then Berry Leather might be holding you back.

Here’s where to add all of these frequently sought after items to your inventory.

Where to find Weed Stems in Grounded

You need Weed Stems to make just about every basic piece of housing in Grounded, but they are a lot easier to grab than is immediately obvious.

While you’ll see things that are specifically called “Weeds” in the open world, these require a level 2 axe to chop down - which, as you can see from our separate page on axes in Grounded, isn’t an easy thing to make.

A much easier source of Weed Stems are dandelions. Tilt your head skyward and you’ll be able to spot the telltale fluffy white top of a dandelion from a fair distance away.

Simply walk up and chop away with your basic pebblet axe to collect some easy Weed Stems.

I’ve found a few of them to the east of the Mysterious Machine, but they pop up all over the place.

What’s more, you also have a chance of collecting Dandelion Tuft from each one. These work as a glider which lets you float down from high places and reach new places.

Where to find Grubs for Grub Hide in Grounded

Grubs are one of the more interesting species that you’ll find roaming around in Grounded, and their Grub Hide is used to craft the handy survival item: the Canteen.

If you’re planning a trip that doesn’t take you past one of the many fallen juice boxes where you can scavenge water - or you’re playing on one of the tougher difficulties - a Canteen can make taking on regular hydration much easier.

To find Grubs and Grub Hide, you first need to craft an Acorn Shovel. This is done by first making a pebblet mallet and smashing an acorn around the Oak Lab area to get some Acorn Shell.

You don’t have to Analyze the Acorn Shell to find out how to make an Acorn Shovel, I got the recipe by Analyzing some Woven Fiber. To make one you will need 1 Acorn Shell, 1 Woven Fiber, and 2 Sprig.

With the Acorn Shovel in hand, you can now dig up Grubs from the ground.

You’ll know when you see them because you can see them tunnelling underground, leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

Once you’ve dug them up, hit them with a weapon to collect some Grub Hide. Repeat as necessary until you’ve got what you need!

Good places to find tunnelling Grubs is the underground cave to the south of the Mysterious Machine from the first story mission. Or they can be found intermittently around the base of the great oak, but usually on the southern side.

Where to find Berry Leather in Grounded

Berry Leather is similar to Woven Fiber in that it’s crafted from a scavenged resource.

To find berries, you need to head to the most southern, heavily forested area of the map: the Hedge. It’s in the southeast corner of the map.

There you’ll be able to find fallen berries - just like acorns in the more northern part of the map.

Use your axe on these berries to collect Berry Chunks, which can then be fashioned into Berry Leather. You don’t even have to Analyze them, but a workbench will be required.

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