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GTA Online: how to become a VIP boss or bodyguard

You can now become a VIP in GTA Online for 4 hour periods - here's how it works, all the perks, rules and new game modes.


Once you get past the looming neon monstrosity that is the Super Yacht, GTA Online's latest DLC introduces one of its most interesting features since Heists.

Players can now become a VIP, or take on jobs as a bodyguard for a high-rolling VIP. It's all a little vague, so let us break down exactly how it works for you.

GTA Online: how to become a VIP

First up, you'll need at least $1 million in your Maze Bank account. Secondly, VIP status isn't permanent. It only lasts for a 4 hour period during Freemode gameplay. And you can only have 6 VIP players in a Freemode session at any one time.

As a VIP you can hire up to three other players in the Freemode session to act as bodyguards. VIPs can drop ammo and armour for members of their Organisation, and order them vehicles such as the new turreted limo. VIPs can also access a new "Ghost Organisation" favour to hide all Bodyguards on the map.

To set your status to either VIP or Bodyguard, go to the Interaction menu and look for the SecuroServ options. It's here you become a Bodyguard by checking the "looking for work" option. You can also pull up the app on your phone - it replaces Benny's lowrider icon - where you'll find requests from VIPs looking for protection.

Being a Bodyguard or VIP grants you access to PvP challenges, new modes and some special abilities.

As a Bodyguard you get a salary of $5,000 per 15 minutes, plus the cash and RP for playing the mode/objectives. Stay close to your VIP and your health will regenerate and you should get more RP bonuses.

But, while you're part of the Organisation, any cash from other gamplay - sticking up a store, completing Freemode events - goes to the VIP. If you're working for the man, you can't get away with doing jobs on the side.


VIP Perks

  • Hiring and firing Bodyguards.
  • Creating, naming and dressing your Organisation.
  • Access VIP Work – Co-op jobs completed in Freemode.
  • Access VIP Challenges – PvP challenges within your Organisation.
  • Access to VIP Abilities – Several different abilities for the VIP to use, including ammo and armor drops, special vehicle deliveries, removing wanted levels, and more.
  • VIP receives all cash winnings earned by their Bodyguards in Freemode. Excludes earnings from VIP Work and Challenges initiated by the Organization.
  • Automatically spawn near your Bodyguards.

Bodyguard Perks

  • Earn $5,000 per 15 minutes of VIP service.
  • While in the vicinity of a VIP, Bodyguards earn 100RP bonus per minute.
  • Accelerated and increased health regen for all bodyguards while in the VIP radius.
  • Additional RP bonus for collecting and delivering a VIP Limo.
  • Proximity spawning near the VIP.
  • Up to 2 levels of increased stat boosts when in the vicinity of a VIP (the higher the VIP’s rank the bigger the boost for Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, and Lung Capacity).

There are six new Jobs added to GTA Online, called VIP Work. They are:

Hostile Takeover
Retrieve and deliver a package to a set location. Don't expect that "package" to be something you can fit in your back pocket.

Asset Recovery
Recover impounded vehicles from the LSPD and deliver to a set location. That's never going to be easy.

Piracy Prevention
Defenders must stop the attackers from boarding one of the new Super Yachts. Attackers need to take it like a pirate.

Executive Search
Bodyguards need to keep the VIP alive for 10 minutes while everyone else in the Freemode tries to hunt and kill the VIP for cash money rewards.

The VIP needs to zip around the map completing hacking challenges without getting caught or killed by rival Organisations.

Executive Deathmatch
Organisation versus Organisation, basically. The VIP only has ten lives.


As well as VIP Work, there are also new VIP Challenges for members of the Organisation.

Most Wanted
All players get a 5 Star wanted level. The countdown begins and the last player to stay alive wins.

Market Manipulation
Everyone goes on a robbing spree across Los Santos, sticking up all convenience stores. Whoever has the most cash at the end is the winner.

Auto Buyout
This is a case of stealing as many expensive vehicles as you can. When the timer runs out, who ever has the highest value vehicles wins the game.

Point To Point
This is a point to point race with the VIP choosing the finish line.

Courier Service
Each player has to find and deliver a bag of cash to different locations. If you get hit the amount of cash in the bag drops. The winner gets the bag of cash and a bonus.

Due Diligence
Collect packages that are only marked with a flare. You can use the Trackify app to find them, and each parcel gives you $100. The player with the most packages wins.

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