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The fastest cars in GTA San Andreas - Infernus, Cheetah, and more

Because why settle for less

The fastest cars in GTA San Andreas might not be vital for finishing the game, but they’re certainly more fun to use.

With great speed comes great instability, though. Most of San Andreas’ fast cars come with a significant handling problem, though a couple manage to combine both impressive speed and solid control.

Of course, to get your hands on these rides easily, you can resort to our list of GTA San Andreas cheats.

Fastest cars in GTA San Andreas


  • Top speed: 150 mph
  • Location: Multiple
  • Paradiso in San Fierro
  • Downtown in Los Santos
  • Richman in Los Santos
  • Bayside Marina

GTA San Andreas is one of the only games in the 3D universe where Infernus reigns supreme. This is a case where speed alone isn’t the best thing, though. Infernus suffers from understeer, or in normal speak, it’s handling is very sensitive. Driving safely is rarely a serious concern in GTA, but you’ll want to bear Infernus’ downside in mind if you’re trying to avoid capture.


  • Top speed: 147 mph
  • Location: Near the Camel’s Toe in Las Venturas. Can also win as a prize in the Ringroad Race in Las Venturas

The Turismo is like a slightly less speedy Infernus. It’s top speed is just barely less than Infernus’, and while it also suffers from understeer, it’s a bit easier to handle than Infernus. It helps that you can win Turismo in a race instead of having to rely solely on random spawns.


  • Top speed: 143 mph
  • Location: Multiple
  • Paradiso in San Fierro
  • Rodeo and Market in San Andreas
  • Old Strip in Las Venturas

Cheetah might not be the fastest car all around, but there’s a strong argument that it’s the best. The handling far outpaces other sports cars and both Turismo and Infernus, and Cheetah is much less likely to roll if things do get out of hand.


  • Top speed: 143 mph
  • Location: Multiple
  • Get all silver medals from Doherty driving school
  • Burger Shot in Juniper Hollow
  • The Strip in Las Venturas

Bullet ties with Cheetah for top speed, but most players consider it superior thanks to its excellent handling and acceleration. There’s really no downside to driving the Bullet, and it looks fantastic too.


  • Speed: 143 mph
  • Location: Driving school in Doherty

If you like a bit of danger with your driving, the SuperGT is for you. It rivals Bullet and Cheetah in speed, but it’s handling leaves you prone to disaster. SuperGT fishtails fairly often, and it takes some practice balancing the high speed with low handling. You’ll get plenty of it if you’re finishing the Doherty driving tests. You have to use SuperGT for the final exam.

Going fast is just one part of GTA San Andreas, though. You’ll want to outfit yourself with the best weapons and get your gang in order as well. No one can stay on the clock forever, though, and it’s a good idea to find a girlfriend for Carl to show his softer and more considerate side to, especially if you want every achievement in the game.

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