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Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegates: battlegate locations for every combat challenge

Once you've finished the main story of Kingdom Hearts 3, the challenge of the game isn't over. Next up, you'll want to tackle the battlegates - high-end raid-style combat encounters.

Battlegates in Kingdom Hearts 3 don't unlock until you've visited the last of the game's worlds and seen through the finale of the journey of Sora, Donald and Goofy, but once you have, you can consider this one of KH3's ultimate challenges. Each battlegate is hidden away in a world - there's 14 total - and each contains a custom-made battle against a set of heartless designed to test your abilities in combat.

Each battlegate is rated between one and three stars, and the single three-star one of the battlegates in KH3 is a real killer. These are worth attempting, however - each you complete will net you two rewards. One reward is consistent across the vast majority of the battlegate challenges - the Secret Reports, special pieces of lore that fill in extra background on the Kingdom Hearts story. Aside from this, you'll also get a more play-focused reward for the RPG elements of KH3 - either an accessory or some crafting materials that, like Adamantite, Wellspring Crystal, Fluorite and Damascus are important for synthesis and keyblade upgrades.

Here's a full list of where to find all the KH3 battlegates - plus what your reward will be for completing them.

  • Battlegate 1 - Realm of the Gods, Olympus: teleport to the Summit fast travel/save point. Head up the stairs towards the Realm of the Gods area. Here, you'll find the first of the battlegate combat challenges. For completion, you'll get the Fire Cufflink gear and Secret Report 1.
  • Battlegate 2 - Realm of the Gods, Olympus: this time, teleport to the Apex area. Behind the save/fast travel point you'll have a statue of Zeus and a huge golden gate. Behind the gate you'll find a distinctly arena-shaped area, and inside that the familiar battlegate orb. The reward for this battlegate is a Cosmic Belt+ and Secret Report 2.
  • Battlegate 3 - Old Mansion, Twilight Town: as the name suggests, this one of the battlegates is nearest to the Old Mansion save/teleport point in Twilight Town. Once there, head away from the mansion as if you're heading back into the woods - the battlegate is right in front of the gates. As a reward you'll get an Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report 3.
  • Battlegate 4 - Kid Korral, Toy Box: the Kid Korral is the sixth save/fast travel point in the Toy Story world of KH3, and you'll find the battlegate in that area. If you actually teleport to that save, the battlegate will be right in front of you. Easy. As a reward, you'll net a Megaelixir and Secret Report 4.
  • Battlegate 5 - Galaxy Toys, Toy Box: whatever happened with the design of the Toy Box world, these battlegates are really easy to find. Teleport to the Galaxy Toys Entrance save point, and then turn and begin to head towards the front door as if you're leaving the store. The battlegate is here, and rewards you a Thunder Cufflink gear item and Secret Report 5 for your efforts.
  • Battlegate 6 - Wildflower Clearing, Kingdom of Corona: this battlegate is a little better hidden, and can be found later on in Kingdom of Corona. From the Wildflower Clearing save point, look for a valley where you can jump down into a larger clearing - and here you'll find the battlegate orb. The rwards are an Illusory Crystal and Secret Report 6.
  • Battlegate 7 - Forest, Kingdom of Corona: from the Tower save point where Rapunzel's iconic tower is, head back into the cave just behind the save point and the moogle shop. Just follow this through path naturally and you will eventually end up at the battlegate, which rewards you with the Aero Cufflink and Secret Report 7.
  • Battlegate 8 - Monstropolis: for the easiest access to this battlegate, use the Door Vault save/teleport point and then once there head to the power plant, then down to the silo where you had a boss encounter in the story. The battlegate takes place in the same arena, and when completed will give you an Illusory Crystal and Secret Report 8.
  • Battlegate 9 - Ice Labyrinth, Arendelle: in Arendelle, hit up the third save point, The Gorge. From there, head into the Ice Labyrinth just as you will have previously. You'll want to use the elevator to get down to the middle tier of the labyrinth - and the battlegate orb is in the main, larger area here. Your reward will be an Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report 9.
  • Battlegate 10 - Huddled Isles, The Caribbean: the Huddled Isles is a save point island in the Caribbean, and it's also the location of this battlegate. You'll want to turn to face the ship and circle is the island - eventually you'll see a cave. Head inside to find the batlte arena and the battlegate. For completion, you'll be rewarded the Water Cufflink and Secret Report 10.
  • Battlegate 11 - North District, Sanfransokyo: first off, you'll want to make sure you visit the North District in San Fransokyo during the day. There'll be a building north-west of you - climb up it, and then grind the rails to follow them toa tunnel on the western side of the map. At this tunnel, there's the battlegate which rewards you with a Ying/Yang Cufflink accessory and Secret Report 11.
  • Battlegate 12 - North District, Sanfransokyo: once again use the North Distract save point in San Fransokyo, but this time head to a building that's behind you - southwest. It has a helipad on top of it, and when you clamber up to the top of the building, the battlegate awaits you there. Your reward? A Blizzard Cufflink piece of gear and Secret Report 12.
  • Battlegate 13 - The Badlands, Keyblade Graveyard: the Badlands save point is your starting point - but then head to your south, behind you. As soon as you get out of the cave you'll see this challenging battlegate - it'll reward you a Celestriad and Secret Report 13.
  • Battlegate 14 - The Badlands, Keyblade Graveyard: once again, transport yourself to the Badlands save point in the Keyblade Graveyard, but now head to the North instead. This battlegate is plain to see, easily found out in the open - but it's absolutely hard as nails. If you defeat it, you'll get the Crystal Regalia, an accessory that as well as stat bonuses gives you a new selfie pose.

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