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Mass Effect Andromeda protestors problem: resolving the Sleeping Dragons quest

Protesters are making a fuss in Mass Effect Andromeda. Good on them for exercising their democratic rights. Let's see what we can do to help.


One of your first goals in Mass Effect Andromeda is to establish an outpost on Eos, making the tough choice between scientific or military.

As ever in Mass Effect Andromeda, there's no right or wrong choice - and whatever you do settle on will have consequences. Or, well, a consequence. The side quest Sleeping Dragons is that consequence.

To trigger the Sleeping Dragons quests, return to the Nexus after founding Podromos. You can either head directly to the hydroponics area of the Docking Bay, or hear about a protest elsewhere on the station, which gives you a quest journal and navpoint to follow.

Either way, head on over and chat to the protestors. They're not hard to find.

It's a pretty short quest but here's what you have to do. Speak with the protestors to learn why they're upset, and agree to investigate the matter for them. With that done, take the tram to Operations and speak to Kandros, choosing the "stasis protestors" dialogue option. This triggers a dialogue scene with you and all the Nexus directors where you can discuss your options and decide whether to give in to the protestors or find another way to settle their dispute.

The fate of the protestors

There are two ways to end the quest. Here's how each plays out:

  • Tell the directors there's a "whole planet" and that "the protestors are right", then authorise the revival of their families from Addison's office. Speak with Rhys to end the mission.
  • Agree with the directors that you can't just revive people willy-nilly, then return to hydroponics and confront the protestors. Ask Rhys what his mother would think of his behaviour to disperse the crowd calmly and end the quest.

There are no further story or gameplay consequences to either choice, and nobody every mentions it ever again, so do what you think is right here. Mass Effect Andromeda is all about trusting your gut and forging your own unique story, over the course of, ooh, at least six decision points.

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