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Monster Hunter Rise Sub Camps | Where to find every fast-travel point

Throughout the five distinct habitats in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll find convenient Sub Camps hidden in the undergrowth.

Despite having more movement options than previous games in the series, the distances involved with tracking down the world’s biggest beasts can get tiring.

Sub Camps in Monster Hunter Rise offer you new fast travel points to quickly flit between your targets, swap out your weapon for a different challenge, or take on a fast meal to replenish your health and stamina.

There are a total of 8 Sub Camps to discover in Monster Hunter Rise, with each one requiring the completion of a simple task - set by the Merchant in Kamura Village - to unlock.

Here’s how to build every Sub Camp in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to build every Sub Camp in Monster Hunter Rise

As a quick reference guide, here’s where to find and unlock every Sub Camp throughout the whole of Monster Hunter Rise.

We’ll go into more detail on exactly where to get to each one below:

Monster Hunter Rise Sub Camps
Sub Camp Name:Sub Camp Location:How to unlock the Sub Camp:
Shrine Ruins Sub CampOn top of the hill to the north of Area 10Slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands Sub Camp 1In the flooded area between Areas 6 and 7Slay 8 Zamite in the Frost Islands
Frost Islands Sub Camp 2Inside the structure on top of the cliffs between Areas 8 and 10Give 2 Warm Pelt and 4 Monster Bone S
Sandy Plains Sub Camp 1On top the cliff to the northwest of Area 3Slay 8 Kestodon in the Sandy Plains
Sandy Plains Sub Camp 2Go through the hole in the wall in the pathway between Area 8 and 9Give 1 Lagombi Pelt and 2 Monster Bone M
Flooded Forest Sub Camp Inside the cave at the top of the tall spire on the southeast corner of Area 11Slay 8 Wroggi in the Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns Sub Camp 1At the top of mountain on the surface layer of Area 10Slay 8 Uroktor in the Lava Caverns
Lava Caverns Sub Camp 2On top of the mountain to the east of Area 3Give 1 Tetranadon Hide and 2 Monster Bone L

How to build the Shrine Ruins Sub Camp in Monster Hunter Rise

The Sub Camp in the Shrine Ruins is found at the top of the hill on the northern edge of Area 10.

Use your wirebug to get up there, then return to Kamura Village.

Your objective will then change to slaying 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins.

Izuchi are easiest to find in Area 4 of the Shrine Ruins. Slay some, then go and fight another monster or gather some items - they’ll quickly respawn for you to fight again.

How to build the Frost Islands Sub Camps in Monster Hunter Rise

There are two Sub Camps to choose from in the Frost Islands.

The first one is found between Area 6 and Area 7. You’ll need to use your wirebug to zip over the wall that blocks your path to discover the location.

Next, the second Sub Camp is found over in the east. Zip up onto the cliffs with your wirebug and you’ll find the spot inside the circular structure.

Warm Pelt is skinned from Kelbi, and you can slay Zamite in Area 8, Area 11, and in the flooded area north of Area 4.

How to build the Sandy Plains Sub Camps in Monster Hunter Rise

Like the last locale, there are two Sub Camps in the Sandy Plains.

To find the first, go to Area 2, then wirebug up onto the cliffs on the northern edge of the area.

The second is more difficult to find. Make your way up to Area 8, then take the path in the northeast towards Area 9.

As you do, look to your right and you will see a hole in the wall. Enter here and you’ll find the camp.

Lagombi Pelt is found on the large creature of the same name in Frost Islands, while Kestodons are easiest to find in Area 5 and Area 12 of the Sandy Plains.

How to build the Flooded Forest Sub Camp in Monster Hunter Rise

There’s only one Sub Camp to find in the Flooded Forest, on the southeastern side of Area 11, on top of the tall mountain there.

Use your wirebug to climb up, then return to Kamura Village.

Wroggi are easiest to find in Area 11 of the Flooded Forest, but also accompany the Great Wroggi large creature, which often spawns in Flooded Forest expeditions.

How to build the Lava Caverns Sub Camps in Monster Hunter Rise

Finally, there are two more Sub Camps to find in the Lava Caverns.

The first is in the east of the map, at the top of the hill in Area 10. You’ll probably have to use your wirebug to get up to the top of the surface level, or use the Great Wirebug in Area 9 to launch yourself over the lava.

To find the second Sub Camp in the west of the map, stay on the surface level, and it’s on a mountain high above Area 3 and Area 6.

Uroktors are quite easy to find in Area 14, Area 12, Area 5, and Area 4. While the Tetranadon can be found in many different places - like Rampages and main missions.

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