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Monster Hunter World: How to get the Evasion Mantle

You might have an arsenal of awesome weapons and more armor than you know what to do with, but in Monster Hunter World, there’s still more to discover even after the credits roll. Once you’ve completed the game and defeated the final boss, there are yet more powerful items to collect, all with interesting effects that can really change the pace of gameplay. Here’s how to get the Evasion Mantle in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World: Where to find the Evasion Mantle -

  • Beat the final boss to unlock your Hunter Rank
  • Complete quests to level up you Hunter Rank to level 29
  • Accept and complete the Beyond the Blasting Scales quest
  • Complete five tier 2 tempered monster hunts
  • Accept and complete the New World Sky, New World Flower quest

For 90 seconds, the Evasion Mantle grants you an increased invulnerability window when dodging - comparable to an armor set with the Evade Window skill maxed out - as well as an attack boost when you dodge an attack at the last moment. So not only does the Evasion Mantle help you to dodge attacks, but dish out more damage once you’ve gotten out of the way.

To get the Evasion Mantle, you first have to beat the game and defeat the final boss. Once you’ve done that, your Hunter Rank is unlocked so you can access more of the end game and tier one tempered monsters.

When you’ve completed enough post-game quests to level up your Hunter Rank to 29, you’ll get the quest “Beyond the Blasting Scales” where you have to hunt two tempered Bazelguese. Completing this quest unlocks your Hunter Rank again, and grants you access to hunts with tier 2 tempered monsters like Diablos and Legiana.

You can tell if a tempered monster is tier 2 or not by the Hunter Rank requirement for the quest. HR 13 is tier one, HR 30 is tier two.

Once you’ve successfully completed five hunts with tier 2 tempered monsters, you’ll get another quest - New World Sky, New World Flower - from the Armory. Be aware that you have to complete five hunts, not just kill five tier two tempered monsters - if you beat two in one quest, it one counts once towards the mantle.

The Armory quest pits you against a Pink Rathian and an Azure Rathalos in the arena at the same time.

After you’ve beaten them, the Evasion Mantle is yours.

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