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Monster Hunter World: How to get the Impact Mantle and Apothecary Mantle

If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, Monster Hunter World is full of powerful hidden items that bring a whole new dynamic to your hunts. Most of these are crafted from rare materials, but some come ready made. Here’s where to find the Impact Mantle and Apothecary Mantle.

Where to find the Impact Mantle:

The Impact Mantle is an exceptionally useful item that - when you equip it at the right time - can totally change the tide of battle. Essentially, it makes monsters more likely to fall over, which if you’re trying to break specific parts, or just need to land a few big hits on a tough opponent, is a massive boon.

The Impact Mantle achieves this by increasing the effect of impact weapons like the Charge Blade, Hammer and Hunting Horns, but also adds the stun effect to weapons that don’t normally have it, like Dual Blades. This means that you can create crazy powerful combinations with things like the Impact Mantle and the Demon Dance Dual Blade special.

To get the Impact Mantle, you’ll have to complete the nine star quest “Showdown: the Muck and the Maul”, which you get by speaking to the Armory NPC.

To complete it, you have to hunt a tempered Barroth and tempered Radobaan in the arena. If you’re unfamiliar with Monster Hunter World’s Tempered Monsters, check out our explainer.

If you’ve not got the quest unlocked yet, try completing Armory quests for the other mantles, then a few tempered investigations and it should show up.

Where to find the Apothecary Mantle:

The Apothecary Mantle is another hugely useful item that increases the amount of status build-up you deal to monsters, meaning you’ll poison, sleep, or paralyse foes much more quickly.

These statuses are enormously effective when you’re hunting monsters, so 60 seconds in which to get a near-guaranteed status is really strong.

You get the Apothecary Mantle by completing the eight star Armory NPC quest “A Portent for Disaster”, which has you hunting a Kushala Daora in the Ancient Forest.

If you’re wondering which weapons to use to best make use of these mantles, we have a whole guide dedicated to the weapons in Monster Hunter World.

Or for more high level strategy, take a look at our comprehensive look into Monster Hunter World's Affinity mechanic - which is worth taking the time to understand if you don’t.

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