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Monster Hunter World: How to get the Plunderblade - the best Palico gadget for farming

New players have a lot to look forward to in Monster Hunter World. There's a huge amount of weapon and armor variety, but that means you’re going to need a lot of crafting materials to get everything you want. To cut down on grinding, there’s a great Palico gadget that helps to harvest rare materials like Anjanath fangs, by knocking them off the monster while you’re fighting it. Here’s everything you need to do to get the Plunderblade Palico gadget.

Where to find the Plunderblade:

  • Talk to the Lynian Researcher in area 13 of the Rotten Vale
  • Wait around in the area for an Odogaron to drag a carcass into the chamber
  • Either defeat the Odogaron or let it leave
  • Wait for the “Plunderer” Grimalkyne cat to investigate the carcass, then run over to it
  • Track down the Grimalkyne by following your scoutflies
  • Once you find it again, it’ll run and hide, so drop some raw meat on the floor and back off
  • When the Grimalkyne comes down to eat the raw meat, it’ll give you the Plunderblade

To begin the sequence of events, you need to talk to the Lynian Researcher in the far north of the Rotten Vale in area 13.

Sometimes the researcher doesn’t spawn, so you’ll have to complete quests and come back until he’s there.

Once you’ve spoken to him, you need to wait close by until an Odogaron drags a dead Legiana carcass into the chamber. If you’re lucky, it might already be there. When this happens, you can either kill the Odogaron or just wait for it to leave.

Once it’s either dead or gone, a Grimalkyne cat called “Plunderer” will run up to the Legiana carcass. Move towards it and you’ll scare it off.

You then have to track Plunderer down using your scoutflies - just like with other Grimalkyne cats in other maps.

When you’ve cornered him again, he’ll hide behind some rocks where you can’t get to. To lure him out, you have to put some raw meat close to him on the ground and back off. You can get raw meat by killing small monsters like Aptonoth in the Ancient Forest or Kelbi in the Coral Highlands.

Then the Grimalkyne will come down to eat the meat and, as a reward for your kindness in feeding him and his friends, give you the Plunderblade.

You can equip the gadget by changing your Palico equipment in Astera or in your tent at camp.

What does the Plunderblade do?

The Plunderblade replaces your default Vigorwasp Spray Palico gadget, and makes it so your palico will hack off monster parts periodically during a fight. This makes it much easier to farm boss items, meaning you can focus solely on fighting, or just give yourself extra chances to find the loot you need to craft a weapon or armor piece.

To get the best farming results, you can equip the Plunderblade while completing capture Investigations. This will maximise your chances of getting as much monster specific loot as possible for your time.

For more info on how to capture monsters effectively in Monster Hunter World, take a look at our comprehensive guide.

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