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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - where to find Slogbone, Toughbone, Solidbone and Dragonbone Artifact

If you're looking to craft the best gear in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you'll need to find some rare bones and materials.

Alongside new harvestable materials and weapons, there are several new bone types to find in Iceborne that you can use to craft powerful gear.

Among these Master Rank materials are Slogbone, Toughbone, Solidbone and Dragonbone Artifact, which you can get from the likes of Tempered monsters.

You'll be able to find all sorts of new bones in bone piles if you've achieved Master Rank but some can only be found after slaying a monster or in Iceborne's new endgame section, the Guiding Lands.

Large monsters and Elder Dragons will drop bones of a rarer quality that you can use for crafting weapons, armour and upgrades, so grab a few pals and head out on a hunt.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - where to find Slogbone, Toughbone, Solidbone and Dragonbone Artifact

Once you've achieved at least Master Rank, you'll be able to find these bones in the following areas:

Ancient Forest:

  • Thick bone
  • Ancient Bone
  • Dragonbone Artifact

Elder's Recess:

  • Brutal Bone
  • Dragonbone Artifact
  • Thick Bone

Wildspire Waste:

  • Dragonbone Artifact
  • Thick Bone
  • Boulder Bone

Hoarfrost Reach:

  • Dragonbone Artifact
  • Frozen Bone
  • Thick Bone

Rotten Vale:

  • Dragonbone Relic
  • Warped Bone
  • Thick Bone

Coral Highlands:

  • Thick Bone
  • Coral Bone

Once you've entered the Guiding Lands, you'll be able to find rarer bones and items, though they won't drop every time.

Guiding Lands - Ancient Forest region:

  • Guiding Forest Dragonbone
  • Mossy Greatbone
  • Woodland Greatbone
  • Slumbering Greatbone
  • Crystalized Bone Shard

Guiding Lands - Rotten Vale region:

  • Guiding Rotted Dragonbone
  • Afflicted Frenzybone
  • Effluvial Frenzybone
  • Malformed Frenzybone
  • Crystalized Bone Shard

Guiding Lands - Wildspire Waste region:

  • Wasted Cragbone
  • Weathered Cragbone

Guiding Lands - Coral Highlands region:

  • Coral Crimsonbone
  • Crystalized Bone Shard
  • Vibrant Crimsonbone
  • Vivid Crimsonbone

And that's our list so far! If you're having trouble finding an item, leave a comment below and we'll try to locate it.

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