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Monster Hunter World: Where to find Great Hornfly, Piercing Claw and Majestic Horn

Storming onto PC for the first time with dozens of hours of combat, crafting and exploration to get stuck into, Monster Hunter World is a beautifully deep game with enough content and complexity to keep even the most dedicated gamers busy. There are tons of rare materials to find throughout the New World, and some are harder to lay hands on than others. Here’re our best methods for finding Great Hornfly, Piercing Claw and Majestic Horn.

In Monster Hunter World, you can’t get every item straight away. For instance, certain materials are only available once “high-rank” - that’s six star and above - missions have been unlocked. Once you can tackle things on high-rank, even small monsters drop different items.

Although you can get important things like poison sacs and aqua sacs while playing on low-rank, to craft Monster Hunter World’s best weapons, high-rank is where you have to play.


Where to find Great Hornfly:

Great Hornfly is needed for high-rank armor like the Butterfly and King Beetle sets, but can be tricky to track down.

Great Hornfly is kind of like Sinister Cloth in that there’s no way to directly obtain it from monsters.

There are a couple of ways to find it though. The first is to complete bug killing investigations in the Ancient Forest and Coral Highlands - look for quests with more reward boxes for a greater chance of getting the Great Hornfly you want.

The best way to farm Great Hornfly though, is to literally farm them at the Botanical Research Centre when you unlock the ability to cultivate items. Select the option to cultivate bugs, then use Summoner Jelly fertiliser if you have some, and check back periodically to see if you’ve gotten lucky and found one.

Where to find Piercing Claw:

You can start to find Piercing Claws once you’ve unlocked high-rank expeditions. They’re obtained by killing small Fanged Wyverns like regular (as in not Great) Jagras in the Ancient Forest, Shamos in the Coral Highlands and regular Girros in the Rotten Vale.

Piercing Claws are used for a variety of weapon upgrades, so it’s worth farming these on expeditions. We’d recommend looting Jagras since you can find packs of them easily in area 2 of the Ancient Forest. They should respawn reasonably quickly after you’ve dispatched a group, but you can also try fast travelling away from the area and running back again.

Where to find Majestic Horn in the Wildspire Waste:

Majestic Horns are also obtainable once you’ve unlocked high-rank - although they’re much more difficult to come by than Piercing Claws.

The most reliable method we’ve found for getting Majestic Horns is by killing Black Diablos, which are more aggressive and powerful versions of the regular Diablos you’ve met earlier in the game.

Investigations and capturing monsters are your best friends here, because they give you better chances at getting optional loot.

Despite their increased threat, Black Diablos are fought and defeated in the same way as normal Diablos. We have a guide on how to kill Diablos, as well as details on every large monster in the whole of Monster Hunter World.

Once you’ve started to collect high-rank crafting materials, you can think about crafting some really effective armor sets - here’s what we think is the best high-rank armor build in Monster Hunter World so far.

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