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Red Dead Redemption 2: Le Tresor Des Morts treasure maps and location

Only the most dedicated prospectors have access to this secret treasure hunt, but it's a tough one all the same. Here's how to find "Le Tresor Des Morts" - or the Treasure of the Dead - in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Le Tresor Des Morts is an extra mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 that's only available to those who pre-ordered the Special or Ultimate Editions of the game, as well as those who pre-ordered on PC. If you didn't you're just not going to find this map as unlike other treasure maps in the game it isn't sold by a fence later down the line.

Where to find Limpany

You'll have to find the map first, so to do that you'll need head over to Limpany, which is the old burned downtown directly north of Flatneck Station. Your base camp at Horseshoe Overlook is close by, so the quickest way to find it is to head back to camp and start from there.

There's a strongbox in the Sheriff's office that has a gold bar in it. You can't sell it off at any old corner store, so here's where you can sell gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find the Le Tresor Des Morts map

Once you've gathered as many gold bars as you can, head to the jailhouse - it's the only building still standing.

Inside you'll find two dead prisoners in jail cells and the one lying on the cot has the rolled up map beside him. If you don't see it, sorry, you didn't pre-order your version of Red Dead Redemption before the deadline.

Take the map and examine it to see that it's prompting you to look underground for the next map. You're going to head to Saint Denis docks and look for a big building called the Cornwall Freight Station.

You need to be near the docks, and head down the steps you can see the left of this screenshot below. Hug the wall at the bottom keeping it to you right, and keep walking until you drop into the water.

The water is only waist height, so follow the edge of the docks to a steel gate that opens to an underground passage (that connects the docks to the Cornwall Freight Station). It's here that you'll find the map behind a pocket of dirt in the wall, next to the only crate in the corridor. You should also see an X carved into the beam here so it's easier to find that you might think.

This next clue is a rhyme rather than a map, and it reads:

Where the floods rise up,
But the dead stay dry,
And the colored light falls,
When the sun's in the sky.
There to your left you'll find our wealth,
It's no good to us without our health.

There's also a small sketch on the back of the note.

The dead stay dry in the cemetery, and the coloured light it refers to is a stained glass window.

Your final destination for Le Tresor Des Morts is a short walk to the cemetery in Saint Denis.

Turn left/west at the dome in the centre, and look for the big building with the stained glass window. Inside you'll find a hole in a wall. It's just to the west of the dome. Inside you'll find six - six! - gold bars. You can sell all of these to the local fence for $500 apiece. Holy moly.

If you want to fill your boots with more gold, you can track down the Poisonous Trail Treasure map, the Jack Hall Gang treasure map, and solve the Strange Statues puzzle to grab loads more bullion.

Still stuck after that? Then check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more tips, tricks and walkthroughs.

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