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Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carvings locations - where to find all ten

There are ten Rock Carving locations for you to visit throughout the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, most of which are high up in the more mountainous regions of the western United States - here’s where to find them. Would-be mountaineers and sculptors rejoice, you can combine your two hobbies at last by tracking down each one and claiming your unique rewards.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carvings locations

You can trigger the Stranger side-quest that sets you off in search of the carvings by speaking to Francis Sinclair, who’s minding his own business in his house to the northwest of Strawberry in West Elizabeth.

This will give you the “Geology for Beginners” quest, where once you’ve located a Rock Carving, you can head to a post office and mail the directions to Sinclair.

With the other search quests in RDR2 - like the dinosaur bones, cigarette cards, and dreamcatchers - you get unique rewards pretty much straight away. But with these Rock Carvings, you need to find all ten to get the top prize: the Old Brass Compass.

This compass is needed to craft the powerful Raven Claw Talisman which slows the rate that your weapons degrade by 20%.

Rock Carvings: East to West

  • Carving 1: Along the southwest bank of Owanjila, which is west of Strawberry. The carving is just to the southwest of where the “O” is printed on the map.
  • Carving 2: Southeast of the peak of Mount Shann, just to the right of where the “T” in West Elizabeth is printed on the map.
  • Carving 3: Near the peak of Mount Hagen, which is in Grizzlies West north of Strawberry. The carving is just to the south of where the “M” in Mount is printed on the map, and just before the end of the trail that leads to the top of mountain.
  • Carving 4: South of Horseshoe Overlook, where your first camp is in Chapter 2 of the story. Head south from where that camp was/is and you’ll find another ruined settlement. The carving is a little further south than this and a little to the west, up on the ridge between where you are are Flatneck Station.
  • Carving 5: North of Window Rock, which is north of Valentine. If you take the road that goes through where Whinyard is printed on the map, the carving where the “H” in Whinyard is.
  • Carving 6: South of Window Rock, on the other side of the river, northwest of where it says Cumberland on the map. The carving is off the edge of the cliff at the top of mountain that drops off into the river here.
  • Carving 7: West of Bacchus Station, head towards the river and the carving is on the north side of the tallest hill that overlooks the river below.
  • Carving 8: South of the Moonstone Pond and north of the Heartland Overflow, which are north of the Emerald Ranch, there’s a raised mountain. Go directly south from the second “N” in Moonstone on the map and you’ll be in the right place. The carving is on the south side of the mountain, but is facing north (it's the one in the screenshot above)
  • Carving 9: On the northeastern bank of the Elysian Pool. Go north across the bridge that goes over the eastern side of the Pool and the carving will be to your right as you ride up the road.
  • Carving 10: Northwest of Annesburg, to the west of the “N” in Roanoke Ridge. The carving is over the edge of the cliff as you approach from the east - you’ll need to drop down twice to get to it.

Once you’ve got all of those sorted and claimed the Raven Talisman, why not try and track down the Legendary Animals and Legendary Fish.

If you need some extra firepower to take them down, why not take a look at our guide to the best weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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