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Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough Part 7 – 2nd Run Claire B - Alternate RCPD

So you’ve seen the credits roll with Leon - what now? After you’ve completed the game once you’ll unlock the 2nd Run mode, where you play as the other character that you didn’t use on your first playthrough of the game.

The 2nd Run mode is an alternate story that runs in parallel to your original mission, but with some key differences: puzzles have different solutions, items are in different places, and you’ll face new and differently placed enemies along the way. Did I mention that it’s different?

This isn’t just a cool way to replay through the same environments from a fresh perspective, but is how you see the “True Ending” of the game as well.

In this walkthrough we’ll assume that you chose to play as Leon S. Kennedy first, since he’s first in the game’s menu. However, aside from the characters you meet in the parking garage, there are a lot of similarities in the 2nd Run, regardless of which way around you choose.

Resident Evil 2 gives you a rank based on your time, so in the interest of not slowing up too much, this walkthrough will not go over the location of every single item you can find. For the locations of extra secrets, check out our Treasure Hunter Hiding Place Guide, Mr Raccoon Guide, and Safe and Locker Combination guide.

Resident Evil 2 Remake 2nd Run Walkthrough Claire B

After a brief cutscene recapping Leon and Claire’s meeting at the Truck Stop, you’ll gain control of your new character outside of the police station, in a makeshift graveyard.

Make your way forward past the graves, and down the staircase in front of you.

Pass the chained door on your right, and ascend the staircase in front of you. Pick up the Red Herb to your left at the top of the stairs, then press on - picking up the Blue Herb to your right on the way.

Around the corner you’ll see the fire escape gate that you were on the other side of during your first playthrough.

Approach it, then grab the Cutting Tool in the wheelbarrow to your left.

After the cutscene, the zombies will wake up.

Sprint past them and back down the stone stairs you just came up. Then use the Cutting Tool on the Chained Door you passed.

This is the first save room in the 2nd Run - so you’ll be safe in here.

Collect the ammo and supplies from around the room - including the Quickdraw Army revolver from the table.

The Courtyard Key that you need is hung on the hook in the locker next to the item box.

Be aware that the zombies you passed on the way will have moved, and be ready to shoot them when needed.

Once you’ve kitted up, leave the room and go back up the stairs to the fire escape gate.

Inside the gate, grab the handgun ammo from the barrels in front of you, then the wooden boards to your right.

You can then discard the Courtyard Key from your inventory.

Open the door to your left, then turn right and go into the office.

Watch your feet - the police officer that got chopped in half during your first run is now a zombie on the floor.

But run through the shutter, grab the combat knife from the wall on your right as you do, and board up one of the windows as you head past down the corridor.

At the end of this corridor, turn left and left again - go through the door and you’ll find the Break Room. Another safe room that you can use during your time in RCPD.

Save up if you want to, collect the supplies and organise your inventory.

In the bunk room joining onto the Break Room, you’ll find a Fuse on a chair - pick it up and keep hold of it, you’ll need it soon.

Retrace your steps through the shutter past the poor bifurcated Police Officer, go out into the hallway with all of the dead zombies laying on the ground, turn right, and use your Cutting Tool on the Chained Door to your right.

This leads to the East Office.

Inside, deal with the two zombies, then clean the room of supplies - making extra sure to take the round handle from the side office.

Then go over to the far side of the room and move the chair blocking the door.

Go through the newly unblocked door. To your right is a storage room with some ammo and boards inside, but to advance, turn left.

Use the fuse in your inventory on the fuse box to open the shutter, then go through it into the Main Hall.

The Main Hall isn’t the safe haven it was on your first run, so deal with the zombie that comes at you, then collect the hip pouch from the counter in front of you.

Using the red-screened computer to your right plays a cutscene with Mr X who, as you might’ve guessed, is a little more uppity during your 2nd Run.

Walk further into the Main Hall towards the Goddess Statue, saying hello to your old pal Marvin. Pick up the Notebook from his couch, and you’ll find that the statue solutions aren’t as easy to find this time around.

So you can shave some time off your run, we’ll just provide the statue solutions for this walkthrough, so don’t worry.

Go up the Main Hall stairs to the Lion Statue at the top, but beware of the zombie to the right.

Enter the code: Crown, Flaming Sconce, Bird. This gives you the Lion Medallion.

Now turn around and go back to Main Hall 1F.

On the southwestern side of the Hall is the Reception. Walk through here, and make your way into the western corridor.

Yes, that was a Licker that went past the window - buckle up, partner.

Walk down the corridor until you get to the police officer slumped in the corner. Turn right, but stop dead in your tracks and point your flashlight to the ceiling.

Above you is a Licker, which you’re going to have to either try and sneak past or kill.

To sneak past, walk slowly underneath it and hold your nerve as the zombies rattle the windows when you walk past.

To kill it, focus on headshots to stun it, then use your combat knife to conserve ammo before you unload another clip.

Either way, make your way around the corridor, turning right at the end, then right again into the Operations Room.

Grab the ammo from your left, then the map from the blackboard. Then use your Cutting Tool on the Chained Door on the right of the room. You can then discard the Cutting Tool.

Inside here you’ll find the Detonator that you need for the Maiden Statue upstairs.

Open the Tamu Lock to your left and go out into the new corridor.

There’s a large zombie on your right, so deal with him before moving on. I suggest killing him now, otherwise he’ll impede your movement later.

Next, head into the Safety Deposit Room.

Using the keypad infront of you, you can unlock lockers 106 and 109.

Be aware, a zombie has woken up behind you and will be trying to get in the door.

Locker 106 contains a roll of film which has a clue on how to get into the gun cache at the back of the room. Whereas 109 contains some much needed bullets.

Leave the Deposit Room and turn left towards the Dark Room.

Kill the zombie that crashes through the window then board it up - you come through here a lot so leaving it open is a massive bind. Another will wake up to your right, so deal with that too.

Then pop into the Dark Room, collect the supplies, and develop the film from the Safety Deposit Room.

Now leave the Dark Room and head up the stairs in front of you.

On 2F grab the bullets from the floor and turn right. Kill the zombie, then continue on the corridor until you can go into the Men’s Locker Room on your right.

Inside the way will be blocked by steam, so clean out all of the lockers. The closest one to the steam has a zombie in, so be careful.

The code for the Dial Lock in the 2F Locker Room is CAP.

On the right hand side of the room - where there was a portable safe on your first run - is the Bejeweled Box that you need to get the STARS Badge.

Before you leave, use the Round Handle on the pipe on the left to turn off the steam.

Next, before you go through the path you opened, head back to the stairs and go up to 3F.

At the top of the stairs, turn right. Take the bullets from the side and press on.

You might remember this shadow on the wall from your first run - nothing to worry about, right?

Wrong - there’s a zombie there on your 2nd Run. Kill it, and grab the Spade Key from off the desk. The code for the locker outside is DCM.

Now head back down to the Dark Room to store the Bejeweled Box and any ammo for guns you don’t have yet.

Now’s a good a time as any to nip and visit the West Office on this floor. It’s back around the corridor, next to the Safety Deposit Room.

Go inside and deal with the zombie slumped in the chair in front of you, then take out the one in the side office.

There’s a safe in this side office, which you open by moving the dial to the left 9 times, then the right 15 times, then left 7 times.

This gets you another hip pouch.

Then on the far end of the room is Leon’s Desk, which has two locks on it. The combination for the left is NED, the one on the right is MRG. This gets you a useful upgrade for your pistol.

Now go back to the Dark Room and bank your stuff.

Then make your way back to 2F and go through the showers.

On the other side, collect the gunpowder from the lockers, then go through the door.

Collect the Flame Rounds from the couch to your left, then press on down the Corridor.

The first door on your left is the S.T.A.R.S Office - go inside.

In the side office, you’ll find the Battery. Pick it up and keep it. The Battery combines with the Detonator to clear you a path.

For now though, collect all you need from the Office, leave and turn left.

Almost immediately your path will be blocked by everyone’s favourite hulking behemoth: Mr X. He might be out to tear you limb from limb, but he sure is a snappy dresser.

Shoot his hat off his head for a trophy if you haven’t already, then turn around and high tail it out of there back through the showers.

Run back down the stairs and to the Dark Room, bank your unusable ammo, but grab your detonator and combine it with the Battery.

Now run through the West Office to the Main Hall, opening it with the Spade Key.

Turn left and run up the stairs. Turn left again at the top and run over to the Spade Door here. This is the Library.

Open the Library Spade door and grab the Red Book that’s on the table to your left.

Then run across the room to the door on the other side. This leads to the Lounge.

Here you’ll find a map of the second floor, as well as the Unicorn Statue for another Medallion.

Rotate the puzzle to the following code to claim what you need: Two people, Scales, and Worm.

Grab the yellow box off of the side table too - inside is the clue to the Lion Medallion.

The door back through to the STARS corridor is locked, so track back through the library.

Once you’re in the Main Hall again, stay on the 2F, but make your way to the other side of the building and go through the door that leads to the Waiting Room.

Inside here, there’s another safe - the combination is left 6, right 2, left 11.

Now go through the Spade Door, and run through into the Art Room on the other side of the hall. You can now discard the Spade Key.

On the small table in front of you is a Weapons Locker Keycard, which lets you into the weapons cache at the back of the Safety Deposit Room.

To your right is the King Statue. Pick up his hand from the table and combine it with the Red Book in your inventory.

Then use the Book with Hand on the Statue. This gives you the Sceptre.

Be ready for the Licker that crashes through the ceiling, then examine the sceptre to get the Red Jewel.

Now make your way back to the Dark Room through the Main Hall and West Office.

Once you’re there get the Bejeweled Box out and combine it with the Red Jewel - this gets you the STARS Badge.

Next make your way around the corner to the Safety Deposit Room and use your shiny new keycard on the cabinet at the back. This gets you the Grenade Launcher, a key weapon in turning the balance of power in your favour against the nightmare creatures.

Now return to the stairs next to the Dark Room. Go up to 2F, go through the shower room and down to the corridor to the STARS Office. Inside, examine your STARS Badge and interact with the back of it to turn it into a USB Dongle.

Use the Dongle on the PC Tower in the office, then interact with the PC Monitor. This opens the weapons locker, giving you the MQ11 SMG. Remember to pick up your STARS Badge to use it again later.

Now return to the Dark Room and pick up your two Lion and Unicorn medals if they aren’t in your inventory, as well as the armed Detonator.

Go up to 3F via the stairs next to the Dark Room, and then through the office with the shadow.

Walk along the corridor and turn left into the West Storage Room.

Make your way over to the far side of the room with the metal railings - you can see the maiden statue behind them.

On your right, there’s a pack of C4 attached to the debris blocking the door. Use your Detonator on this C4 then run back away from the door - you’ve got 10 seconds before it blows.

After the explosion, go through the path your created and interact with the Maiden Statue.

To get the medal, enter the code: Ram, Harp, Bird

Be quick, the explosion will more than likely have caught the attention of Mr X.

With this third medal in hand, turn around and go back down through the stairs - using the pillar in the middle of the West Storage Room to kite Mr X if he’s there.

Run past the Dark Room, and make your way through the West Office to the Main Hall.

Now, approach the Goddess Statue and use your medals one by one.

This opens the secret passage to the next part of your adventure. Onwards we go.

Continue to Part 8 of the walkthrough for what to do next!

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