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Resident Evil 7 guide: where to find all the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads

Find all those annoying bobbleheads and pick up a trophy.


There are a lot of various items scattered around the world of Resident Evil 7. To say the Bakers have a magpie-like affection for random stuff might be a little bit of an understatement - there's junk everywhere. I guess that's what happens when you kidnap people, torture them for fun and then eat them up.

Some junk is more useful than others, and one that you'll want to pay attention to alongside herbs and ammo and the like is the Mr. Everywhere. These little bobble head figures/statues are dotted all around the world of Resident Evil 7, and smashing all 20 is a bit of an alternative goal for the player as they play.

Being a typical get-them-all collectible in a game means that some of them are pretty well hidden, but if you destroy all 20 there's an achievement/trophy in it for you, appropriately titled Mr. Nowhere. Here's where to find them all:

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Resident Evil 7 guide: where to find all Mr. Everywhere statues

  • Mr. Everywhere #1 can be found in the MAIN HOUSE 1F, in the very first area where you wake up after having 'dinner' with the family. Remember the door with the Ox Statuette that you have to open to reach the Main Hall? The Mr. Everywhere is just up the hallway from that door in an area that is otherwise a dead end atop a pile of furniture.
  • Mr. Everywhere #2 is found in the MAIN HOUSE 1F Laundry Room - or, as we know it, the save room. This is again in this very first area of the house you explore - this is the save room you crawl underneath the floorboards in order to first reach and open up. The save point in the room is on a table, and the Mr. Everywhere is just below the save point on a lower shelf of that same table.
  • The third Mr. Everywhere is in the Main Hall of the MAIN HOUSE 1F - aka the room you enter into after passing through the Ox Statuette door; the room with the shotgun-holding statue, phone and other such things. It's immediately on your left as you enter from the Ox Door, on a sideboard. It even has a sign: smash me! Oblige.
  • Your fourth Mr. Everywhere statue is up on MAIN HOUSE 2F, inside the Recreation Room. That's the room where you find the 'Mia' VHS Tape, with the pool table and the Scorpion door to Grandma's room. It's just to the left of the entrance to Grandma's room, sitting in a little basket.
  • Mr. Everywhere #5 means we're a quarter of the way through these collectables. This little guy is hiding away back on 1F of the MAIN HOUSE. This is after you solve the shadow puzzle and crawl through to the new area. When you're in the room with the deer, some fridges and a locked Crow door that leads to the Storage Room, this statue is hiding just to the right of the locked crow door.
  • The sixth Mr. Everywhere is down in the basement of the MAIN HOUSE - the PROCESSING AREA. In the processing area consult your map: you'll notice there's a Snake Door. On one side of this door there's a Mr. Everywhere to the right among some junk when facing the door. He's between a cinder block and some buckets.
  • Mr. Everywhere #7 is found once you get out of the main house and into the YARD. Head towards the safe haven that is the trailer but stop before entering it - this Mr. Everywhere is hiding between the steps that take you in and out of the trailer.
  • Speaking of safe spaces, Mr. Everywhere #8 can also be found in one. Head through the OLD HOUSE 1F until you reach the Save Room there. This statue is found hiding out to the left of the Item Box in the save room, sitting next to a painting on a narrow shelf.
  • In the OLD HOUSE 1F there's a little hole you crawl through as part of the story in order to get to a side room where you briefly glimpse a couple of important characters and pick up a key item for a shadow puzzle. There's a hallway here - Mr. Everywhere #9 is found hiding between a wooden palette and the wall in this narrow hallway.
  • If you played the Mia tape, you'll remember the crawlspace on the far side of the OLD HOUSE 1F well enough. Mr. Everywhere #10 is actually down here on a shelf, not far from where you find the story-critical crank item.
  • Mr. Everywhere #11 hangs out in the OLD HOUSE 2F, near the weight-balancing door mechanism where you find you need a lantern. This statue is just sitting there on a table in the open, ready to be smashed to smithereens.
  • Mr. Everywhere #12 is found some time later when you return to the MAIN HOUSE 2F with the Snake Key in tow. As part of the main story you'll open up a kids' room and head up into the attic. When you climb up the ladder and into the attic, a Mr. Everywhere is right behind you.
  • The 13th Mr. Everywhere is unlucky for some... especially because it's in the booby-trap laden Barn area of the TESTING AREA. When you reach the barn there's an upper level with a save room and the like. Aim off out with your gun, scanning the top of nearby beams and wooden structures of the level below. The Mr. Everywhere is on top of one. One bullet will take him down.
  • After completing the 'Happy Birthday' section, you'll open up a path to the TESTING AREA's Monitoring Room, with monitors, a microphone, etc. Above the door into this area is a Mr. Everywhere statue, hanging out in an alcove above the doorway. Blast 'im.
  • Mr. Everywhere #15 marks the three quarter mark. Almost there! When you head out from the TESTING AREA to where there's a Boathouse and various jetties, look around carefully in the hut to the east when you head out there. Hiding underneath some thick fishing nets is this Mr. Everywhere - he's easy to miss.

After this point, some major story locations are spoiled in our descriptions. You’re warned…

resident evil 7 (14)

  • Your sixteenth Mr. Everywhere is found on the WRECKED SHIP 4F. For the record, all of this takes place in the present, not in the big flashback tape. Look in the Western staircase. As you climb up it'll be on the right, just past the banister. It blends in quite well with the rusty ship, so watch carefully.
  • Mr. Everywhere #17 is also found on the ship - in the dead-end shaft on WRECKED SHIP 2F. This is in the north of the area, the opposite end of the hall to the stairwell. You'll have to climb up a ladder and then you'll be on the WRECKED SHIP 3F, and the statue is in this small area up here.
  • We're off the ship now, phew. As you climb up from the water that's filled with dead fish into the SWAMP save room area it'll be right in front of you. Alternatively, as you leave the save room hug the outside of the building, heading left - you'll find this Mr. Everywhere on a windowsil.
  • Mr. Everywhere #19 is down in the SALT MINE area. Keep an eye on your map and wait until you're in an area that linearly leads you towards the areas marked Storage Space and Cultivation Room. There'll be stairs on your right, and there's a walkway over the minecart tracks. Follow the tracks adn look up - up on the walkway, in front of some barrels, is a Mr. Everywhere you can shoot.
  • Mr. Everywhere #20, your final little statue buddy, is found back in the GUEST HOUSE B1 as you make your return to the area after smashing through a wall to get back into the house. Only a small part of this area is open to you. Look opposite where the sofa is for some shelves - the Mr. Everywhere is just sitting here waiting for your attention.

Finding and smashing all the Mr. Everywhere figures will unlock the Mr. Nowhere trophy/achievement for you. Doesn't that make you feel special?

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