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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 3: dog heads and your first tape

Who let the dog (heads) out?

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #3 - Finding your first dog heads

In the previous part you will have gathered the Ox Statuette in order to escape the first wing of the house where Jack was terrorizing you. You're now in the Main Hall of the house.

As you explore the phone will ring. Answer for some more story intrigue. Your new goal is to get out of this house and that's going to be quite a task. The front door is right here, but the door is locked and you need three dog-heads to complete the Cerberus symbol on the door to make it unlock. Okay - understood.

This room has a fair bit in it. Let's handle that first:

  • Directly across from the door where you enter, there's an open cupboard under the stairs with some red chairs in it. Atop one of the red chairs is some more chem fluid.
  • At the far end of the room there's a statue holding a shotgun. If you remove the shotgun, the door closes behind you and won't open until you put the shotgun back. So... yes, there's a puzzle here, and we'll come back to it. Leave the shotgun for now.
  • Immediately next to the double doors where you entered there's a table with another nodding doll on it. Destroy it with the knife - conserve ammo. There's also a herb here.
  • Inside a dresser to the right of the doll and herb is gunpowder, a very useful combination item.
  • Inside a drawer next to that is another antique coin, which will be useful later.
  • There's a light-based puzzle, but you won't be able to interact with or solve it right now so just make a mental note of it.

You'll also notice your first doors with insignias on them - the first you'll see has a Scorpion. This is what you think it is: symbol-coded keys. You'll find your first scorpion key leter, don't worry, you haven't missed any yet.


Getting the White Dog's Head Key Item

Inside a clock in the main hall you'll be able to remove its pendulum. This is your key to the first dog's head to open the front doors. Here's a step-by-step of what you do:

  • Take the pendulum from the clock.
  • Backtrack to the living room (next door to the dining room where you woke up)
  • Put the pendulum on the clock in here
  • Get your first dog head, the WHITE DOG'S HEAD. Easy! One down.

Head back to the Main Hall. If you want to get it out of your inventory, slap the White Dog's Head into the door puzzle. It's worth placing these as you go to free up some inventory space.

Getting the Blue Dog's Head Key Item

It's time to go upstairs. There's another coded door here (snake) on one side, and granny and an open door are on the other. Through here are a few rooms: Grandma's Room (Scorpion Door), the Kids Room (Snake door), a Bathroom and the Recreation Room. Use your map to navigate.

First, in the Recreation Room:

  • Find some gunpower inside the bin
  • Pick up the Antique Coin to the left of the entrance to Grandma's Room.
  • Smash the bobblehead right near the antique coin with the knife.
  • Take a look at a variety of notes around the room
  • Pick up the book, rotate it and open it to find the BLUE DOG'S HEAD.
  • Pick up the tape, 'Mia', and put it into the VHS player in this very room.

resident_evil_7_kitchen_demo (2)

VHS Tape - Mia

You had some practice with this one when Jack was stalking you earlier, in a sense. All you have to do is make your way through the building, hiding from the person stalking you. You won't get any weapons here - you just have to hide and survive.

There's a trophy in it for you if you make it through without getting detected until the story demands you be detected, so be careful. You should also try to take in this building - this tape is foreshadowing of a sort.

When you reach the room with a shadow puzzle similar to what you saw earlier, head right outside onto the grim old balcony and hide to the right until she's gone. Once she's stomped off shouting angrily, which might take a while, head in and interact with the shadow puzzle.

Shadow Puzzle - Spider: This is pretty simple; rotate the object until it broadly fits the silhouette shown missing on the painting, then hit X/A. That'll do it - it doesn't have to be massively accurate and isn't difficult at all. It's all really just a matter of perspective.

There's a bit more hide and seek after this. Walk forward and be prepared to crouch and duck back to hide when necessary. The tape will end soon.

And... you're back in the room. Poor Mia. But... no time to waste. Head out of the door onto the balcony area. Around here there are a few things you can grab:

    Out on this balcony area at the end there's a box you can smash with your knife here for some handgun ammo
  • There's also a locked box right by that smashable box, if you have a lockpick.
  • A drawer on the hallway leading to the bathroom has some more Chem Fluid.
  • Another drawer in another area of the hallway has a herb.

Note the collapsed staircase here - this drops back down to the area you were in earlier to the hallway where you met the cop. Hit up the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom:

  • Handgun ammo inside a drawer between the sinks.
  • An Antique Coin down the toilet.
  • Drain the bath to find WOODEN STATUETTE, a key item for the shadow puzzle downstairs.

When you go to leave the bathroom after grabbing the statuette... well, yep. So: I got out of this by just running to the left and dropping down the broken stairs. I then ducked into the very first save room. I'm not sure if there's a better way, honestly. My only advice is to just get out of there.

It's time to pick up part four, then. As soon as you can, and without attention, return to the Main Hall.

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