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Soulcalibur 6 unlockables: how to unlock Inferno, plus the lowdown on extra Create a Soul armor

SoulCalibur 6 isn't exactly big on unlockables, but there are one or two extras you'll want to unlock as a priority.

Credit where it's due to the team at Bandai Namco behind SoulCalibur - they understand though tempting as it may be to lock characters and the like behind certain in-game tasks, a lot of fighting game fans just want to get down to the good stuff - the fighting. SoulCalibur 6 is pretty great fun when you're fighting, too, so it's good there are as few hurdles to using certain members of the cast as possible.

This is a good change - save for the huge Smash Bros Ultimate character roster, not many fighters are big on unlockables now.

With that said, it wouldn't quite be a fighting game without some stuff to unlock over time, and so on this page we're going to quickly run down the actual gameplay-impacting SoulCalibur 6 unlockables. Keep in mind that there's a range of unlockable entries for the museum which leads to that becoming quite a fascinating treasure trove of history of the tale of souls and swords that is the SoulCalibur series - but in terms of actual unlockable gameplay content it's all pretty thin on the ground - with the main reward being one special boss character. Let's talk about that first.

How to unlock Inferno, SoulCalibur 6's only unlockable character

That's right - there's only one unlockable character in Soulcalibur 6 and it's a familiar face - Inferno. Inferno is the "Hellfire of despair", and is most famous for appearing as the ultimate boss of SoulCalibur back on the arcade and Dreamcast.

Namco felt safe making Inferno unlockable since he's the classic fighting game end-boss scenario. Inferno uses Soul Edge, but actually in fighting style mirrors one of the cast of SC6 at random - so you could be fighting as Inferno with Mitsurugi's move set, or Voldo's, or any other member of the SoulCalibur 6 character roster. He's a weird sort of spin on random select, basically. Becase of this, Inferno can't be used in online matchmaking - it's strictly a character for messing about, not for serious play.

In order to unlock Inferno, simply hit up the Soul Chronicles mode of SoulCalibur 6 and reach level 20 of it. Once you do, Inferno will unlock for good.

Unlockables for Create a Soul / Character Creation: armor & gear in Soulcalibur 6

A whole lot of people have been asking about this, so it's time to set the record straight. SoulCalibur 6 has a really great character creation mode, and that mode features a bunch of different parts, accessories and pieces of equipment for players to experiment with. One thing many are wondering is simple: can you unlock new armor and gear parts for character creation in SoulCalibur 6?

Rest easy, then: the answer is no. Basically. However, there's a bit of a caveat to this... there are 100 extra pieces of character creator armor included in the SoulCalibur 6 season pass. If you buy the season pass, you'll instantly get access to these as the 'Creation Parts A' and 'Creation Parts B' DLC additions. This adds a whole lot of armor pieces, but the only way to get them is through parting with real cash for the season pass - there's no actual unlockable armor in the game. Everything that's included is available from the start, which is a bit of a bummer.

Buying the season pass will of course also net you four extra characters, with the first, Tira, available now. We've also been led to believe that one of the other three additional characters will be an exciting new guest character.

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