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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Lightsaber Parts guide - Where to find the Double-Bladed Lightsaber

If there's anything Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order nails, it's the look and feel of iconic Star Wars weaponry - the pew pew of the blasters, and hum of a double-bladed Lightsaber.

The most elegant weapon in the galaxy: a Lightsaber. Whether it’s double-bladed, curved, or equipped with a crossguard, it’s the weapon of a Jedi Knight, not as clumsy or random as a blaster, but deadly all the same. In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you get to wield this legendary laser sword and make it your own.

Throughout the game, you’ll find different lightsaber parts hidden in chests and on worktables. You can then mix-and-match these parts to create your own custom Lightsaber.

However, tracking all of these pieces down isn’t a simple task. Here is where to find each and every one of the custom Lightsaber parts in the whole galaxy.

Where to get the double-bladed Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

While many of the lightsaber parts you find are cosmetic, this piece unlocks a whole new way to play.

You can find the double-bladed Lightsaber really early in Jedi Fallen Order, but it’s also very easy to miss.

Once you’ve found Eno Cordova’s recordings on Bogano, you will unlock two destinations on the Mantis’ holotable: Zeffo and Dathomir.

Star Wars obsessives might recognise the inhospitable red planet of Dathomir as the home world of one of the series’ most memorable villains - Darth Maul.

Since you have no current objective on Dathomir, it’s easy to plough on with the rest of the story and forget about it. But going there straight away means you can play with the double-bladed Lightsaber for more of the game.

It’s designed for crowd-control, so although its attacks are weaker than your regular lightsaber, the double-bladed variant comes in handy when you’re dropped into large groups of enemies.

To find the double-bladed Lightsaber, touch down on Dathomir and jump from the landing pad to the main island - the Strangled Cliffs.

Explore the area and you’ll be able to climb up to another level, which leads to the Upper Strangled Cliffs.

After this you’re in the Brother’s Bastion, which is where you want to be.

From the save point, go up the hill and take out the enemies, then turn right and follow the path around until you go inside.

FIght through this chamber, then go up the stairs on the other side. In the next room you need to follow the path left, then left again.

Deflect the archer’s bolts back at them, then climb up to where they were and continue around the path. You should now be overlooking a lower area with a giant spider. Jump down and clear out the enemies, then head out of the door to the left.

On your left there’s a shortcut door that leads back to the save point, but in front of you is a large temple and a gap you can jump across.

Instead of jumping up towards the temple, go down the slope and turn left. At the bottom of here you will find a worktable with the parts you need to craft a double-bladed Lightsaber.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Lightsaber Parts locations

As well as the bigger upgrades, there are cosmetic Lightsaber parts hidden all around the galaxy. Here are the locations of all the ones we’ve found so far:


Eno Cordova - Hermit’s Abode - Bogano - On the 2nd level, jump across the gap to the left of the shortcut - Emitter

Valor and Wisdom II - Great Divide - Bogano - On the other side of the metal wall run panel in the Great Divide - Switch

Valor and Wisdom II - Great Divide - Bogano - On top of the highest platform of the Great Divide - Sleeve

Corundum - Great Divide - Bogano - On top of the platform in the Scomp Box - Material - We have a page on how to unlock the Scomp Link here.

Eno Cordova - Abandoned Workshop - Found on the worktable behind the Scomp Door in the Abandoned Workshop. You get to it by Force Pushing the bridge at the bottom of the Great Divide - Sleeve

Lamina Steel - Abandoned Workshop - On the roof of the workshop after you’ve unlocked Force Pull. Extend the bridge then jump across to the rooftop and defeat the giant frogs - Material

Neuranium - Fractured Plain - Bogano - Found on top of the small pillar held up by machinery. Requires Jedi Flip to reach - Material

Peace and Justice II - Fractured Plain - In the high section of the Fractured Plain across from the Mantis. Requires Jedi Flip to reach - Sleeve

Valor and Wisdom - Abandoned Workshop - Found underwater at the bottom of the Abandoned Workshop - Emitter

Valor and Wisdom - Abandoned Workshop - Also underwater at the bottom of the Abandoned Workshop, but on the other side of the room - Switch

Eno Cordova - Hermit's Abode - Requires Scomp Link to power. Near the shortcut on the second level of the Hermit's Abode, go down the side passage and slide through the wires. Drop down the hole and you'll be in Cordova's bedroom. Power the console on the wall and it powers a secret compartment which contains a chest - Switch


Duty and Resolve - Derelict Hangar - Zeffo - Hidden around to the left of the shortcut that leads up the hill from the Mantis - Emitter

Duty and Resolve - Abandoned Village - Zeffo - On top of the roof on the far side of the village, next to the two Stormtroopers - Sleeve

Copper - Turbine Facility - Zeffo - It’s dark inside the Turbine Facility. Follow the path until you go up onto a raised platform. Look over to your left and there’s a chest on the other side of a gap - Material

Elemental Nature II - Weathered Monument - Zeffo - After you’ve gone past the two heavy gunner enemies and collected Greez’s seed, look behind the large rock once you reach the metal walkway - Sleeve

Duty and Resolve - Auger Pulverizers - Zeffo - Just as you come into the area, you’ll see a chest on the metal walkway - Switch

Durasteel - Auger Pulverizers - Zeffo - You’ll see this chest behind some metal railings. To get to it, slow the second pulverizer and sprint into the cavity - Material

Duty and Resolve II - Windswept Ruins - Zeffo - On the lowest level just as you come into the area on the right-hand side - Sleeve

Slivian Iron - Tomb of Eilram - Zeffo - Found inside a hidden room in the Tomb of Eilram, up on a ledge. To get up there you need force push the big block from the side path that you enter through the hole in the corridor outside - Material

Osmirdium - Windswept Ruins - Zeffo - Once you return to the ruins there will be jets of air coming out of the ground. You can now jump up to the chest on your left - Material

Cerakote - Ice Caves - Zeffo - Make your way around the Ice Caves and you’ll see a wall run path near the elevator. At the end of the path there’s a Purge Trooper and a Commander. This is in one of the two chests - Material

Duty and Resolve II - Weathered Monument - Zeffo - Found behind the Scomp Link door at the foot of the Weathered Monument area, next to where you get the link - Switch

Arcetron - Ice Caves - Zeffo - Found in the Ice Caves Scomp Link box next to the elevator on the far side - Material

Durite - Abandoned Village - Zeffo - Found in the Abandoned Village Scomp Link box on the other side of the Force Push bridge - Material

Haysian Smelt - Tomb of Miktrull - Zeffo - In the central chamber with the orb in the glass container, there’s a crumbling wall that can be broken with Force Push on the far wall on the left. Inside is a chest - Material

Aurodium - Imperial Headquarters - Zeffo - After you’ve unlocked Force Pull, you can open a bridge, climb up the wall on the other side, then freeze the vents and get into a hidden area behind. Look off the edge and you’ll see a chest - Material

Elemental Nature - Crash Site - Zeffo - Once you can swim underwater with the breather, this part is over to the left as you come into the Crash Site area, towards the Venator in an underwater cave - Switch

Elemental Nature - Crash Site - Zeffo - This one is found underwater just to your right as you enter the Crash Site - Sleeve

Polished Bronzium - Crash Site - Zeffo - Another underwater crate, found on the very far side of the Crash Site as you come in - Material

Elemental Nature - Crash Site - Zeffo - Also underwater, over to the left underneath the wreckage of the Venator - Emitter

Elemental Nature II - Venator Wreckage - Zeffo - Once you land in the water inside the Venator, swim under the debris and out onto the other side. The chest is hidden past the meditation point that you can see, on a patch of land - Switch

Chromium - Venator Wreckage - Zeffo - At the top of the Venator, once you've made your way through the whole ship - Material

Orichalc - Broken Wing - Zeffo - Found underwater in the narrow corridor as you make your way through the Broken Wing area - Material


Magus - Brother’s Bastion - Dathomir - Make your way into the Brother’s Bastion and you’ll reach a wooden ledge overlooking a spider. Jump down,defeat the enemies, then look behind you to see the chest - Switch

Magus - Brother’s Bastion - Dathomir - Found on the table where you get the Double-Bladed Lightsaber - Sleeve

Magus - Upper Strangled Cliffs - Dathomir - Found in the Scomp Box tucked around the back of the raised walkway and platform - Emitter

Power and Control - Collapsed Settlement - Dathomir - In the secret room at the base of the Collapsed Settlement. Drop onto the wooden platform from the cliff edge and take the lift back up - Sleeve

Power and Control - Swamp of Sacrifice - Dathomir - In the corner of the far side of the Swamp of Sacrifice, on the cliff edge - Emitter

Power and Control II - Swamp of Sacrifice - Dathomir - This chest is found on the other side of the high wall, you get to it by walking over the narrow branch and jumping down - Switch

Dolovite - Nightbrother Dungeon - Dathomir - On your left in the corner as you make your way through the narrow corridor in the Nightbrother's Dungeon - Material


Passion and Strength - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk - On the approach to the Imperial Refinery, turn around just before you enter the door and there's a chest - Emitter

Matte - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk - Found in the chest behind the Scomp Door across from the giant cutter - Material

Doonium - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk - In the room after moving the giant cutter, found in the chest on the left-hand side - Material

Passion and Strength - Overgrown Pass - Kashyyyk - Found in the higher part of the Overgrown Pass, in the clearing next to the horned Slyyyg enemy - Switch

Passion and Strength II - Kyyyalstaad Falls - Kashyyyk - Take the elevator down from the Imperial Refinery, there’s a chest just outside where you come out - Sleeve

Crodium - Kyyyalstaad Basin - Kashyyyk - After you land in the basin, look over to the left and you’ll see a chest on the bank - Material

Passion and Strength - Kyyyalstaad Basin - Kashyyyk - Again in the basin, swim over to the right and you’ll see another chest underneath a broken structure - Sleeve

Peace and Justice II - Origin Lake - Kashyyyk - Underwater in the main body of water in the centre of the area - Switch

Electrum-Plated - Origin Lake - Kashyyyk - Just to the right of the other underwater chest in the main body of the lake - Material

Duralium - Origin Lake - Kashyyyk - Underwater next to the root of the Lung Plant in thinner part of the lake - Material

Valor and Wisdom - Shadowlands - Kashyyyk - Jump up to the chest in the centre of the area, next to the pool - Sleeve

Peace and Justice - Shadowlands - Kashyyyk - Underwater on the left after you’ve swam into the second part of the area - Emitter

Bronzium - Origin Tree - Kashyyyk - Underwater in the first part of the Origin Tree area that you land in after the sliding section - Material

Peace and Justice - Cheiftan’s Canopy - Kashyyyk - Found on the worktop just on your right when you land on the canopy - Sleeve

Peace and Justice - Kyyyalstaad Basin - Kashyyyk - Now you can go underwater, found in a chest near the centre of the basin - Switch

Passion and Strength II - Kyyyalstaad Falls - Kashyyyk - On your way back to the Imperial compound through the falls, look for a wall run platform which leads to a Force Push door just before the elevator. Inside is a chest - Switch


Power and Control II - Crystal Caves - Ilum - Behind a stalagmite on your left as you make your way through the Crystal Caves - Sleeve

Power and Control - Crystal Caves - Ilum - Underwater towards the end of the Crystal Caves area on Ilum - Switch

Duraplast - Imperial Trench - Ilum - As soon as you enter the Imperial Trench area, look to your right and jump across to the climbable wall. On this sidepath is a chest with the part inside - Material


Cere Junda parts unlock after the events on Ilum.

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