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Street Fighter 5: Cammy moves list

A good all-rounder and fast with it, here's all the advice you need to master Cammy.


Street Fighter 5: Cammy moves list

Cammy is arguably the ‘lady Ryu’ of Street Fighter V in the respect that her few special moves are easy to pull off and understand, but again difficult to master. Where Cammy differs from Ryu is her mobility – she is fast, and is at her best when she’s pushing forwards to pressure opponents in an all-out offensive.


V-Skill: Axel Spin Knuckle (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Cammy does a twirl towards the opponent and finishes with a punch. The twirl is invulnerable to fireballs and other projectiles, so timed right this passes right through them and hits the opponent while they’re in recovery.

V-Trigger: Delta Drive (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)


Cammy’s V-Trigger gives her significant buffs while it is active. Almost all her special moves come out faster and have more devastating properties or extra hits. However, there’s a catch: Every time you use a move while in V-Trigger, it drains the meter more quickly than it does naturally. As such, you want to save your moves until you’re sure they’ll land.

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


Cammy dashes across the screen at speed in a drill-like fashion. The harder the kick button used, the further she travels, with the Hard Kick version having two hits. The EX and V-Trigger versions pass through projectiles, too, an ideal way to catch careless fireball spammers off guard.

Cannon Spike (Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)


Cammy’s Uppercut, a fierce thrusting kick. An ideal anti-air attack. The heavier the kick version the more damage the move does, but also the more it travels and the easier to punish it is if you miss – so use the heavier versions with care. The EX version has multiple hits.

Many beginners find the uppercut motion difficult to pull off. The easiest way to do it is to press forwards and then quickly pull down and perform a fireball motion, complete with the punch at the end. So long as you do this in one slick move, an uppercut should come out. Practice! It gets easier over time.

Cannon Strike (During Forward Jump: Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)


Cammy strikes towards the ground, damaging the opponent if she catches them on the way. It can hit people out of the air, or catch them napping while they’re on the ground. If it lands, it often leaves them open to follow-up attacks. It can only be executed by inputting this command midway through a Forward Jump, and can only be done a certain distance from the ground. There are EX and V-Trigger versions.

Hooligan Combination (Half Circle Forward + Punch)


Cammy does an acrobatic spin the air. From this spin she can do a number of actions. If you press nothing, she’ll hit the ground and enter a slide, hitting the opponent low and knocking them down if it connects. From this, you can also do the following:

  • Fatal Leg Twister / Cross Scissors Pressure (Light Punch + Light Kick when near opponent) - Pretty self-explanatory – the move turns into a nasty air or ground throw.
  • Cannon Strike (Kick) - When this move is in the air, pressing kick will add a Cannon Strike, as described above, onto the end of the move.

Critical Art (Super) – Cross Stringer Assault (Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Kick)


Cammy hops into the air and does a Cannon Strike style move downwards. If it catches an opponent either on the ground or close to it, she enters an impressive full animation. There’s a number of easy ways to land this, including performing a Cannon Spike (Uppercut) then this move immediately afterwards if it lands.

Unique Moves

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Knee Bullet (Forward + Hard Kick)
  • Lift Upper (Back + Medium Punch)
  • Lift Combination (Back + Medium Punch > Hard Kick)

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