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Super Mario 3D World guide: secrets, how to unlock Luigi Bros. and more

Find out how to unlock Luigi Bros. and more!

If you thought Stamps and Green Stars were the only secrets in Super Mario 3D World, you’re in for a welcome surprise. Nintendo scattered a variety of hidden goodies throughout its outstanding Wii U adventure. Some you’ll discover from simply playing the game. Others, however, require more thought.

If you want spoilers, you came to the right place. That said, here are Super Mario 3D World’s coolest secrets.

Year of Luigi Secrets

How do I unlock Luigi Bros.?

2013 is the year of Luigi, and Nintendo continues the celebration in Super Mario 3D World. Turns out, you can unlock a special version of the original Mario Bros. game (not to be confused with Super Mario Bros. on the NES). What makes this edition stand out? Both characters are Luigi.

You can unlock Luigi Bros. one of two ways. The easiest way is to purchase a copy of New Super Luigi U and have a save file on your Wii U console. This unlocks Luigi Bros. automatically, and you’ll be able to play it by pressing the Luigi icon on the lower left corner of the GamePad touchscreen.

If you crave a challenge, beat the first eight Worlds in Super Mario 3D World.

What about Hidden Luigis?

Nintendo scattered numerous 8-bit Luigis throughout Super Mario 3D World. You’ll see them while hitting ? Blocks, or through binoculars during specific moments. You don’t receive a reward for finding them. They’re just for show.

How do I unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World?

That’s right, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy makes an appearance as a fifth playable character! To unlock her, complete World Star-2. She jumps about as high as Luigi, and defeats enemies with a Spin Attack. The best part? You can use it standing still, moving or even jumping. That said, she cannot use the Spin Attack with a Power-Up equipped.

Where are the secret Warp Pipes in Super Mario 3D World?

Looking to get around in a hurry? Step inside a Warp Pipe and send your hero to faraway lands.

World 1-2: Did you find the Stamp in this level? Continue climbing the wall to find a warp pipe that will take you to World 2.

World 4-2: After reaching the Checkpoint Flag and exiting the cave, climb the wall above the Roulette Block to visit a secret area containing a warp pipe to World 5.

How do I get infinite lives in Super Mario 3D World?

You can get 1,110 lives (the max) in Super Mario 3D World and always go back for more should you run low. Just head to World 1-2. Shortly after entering the cave, look for a Koopa Troopa patrolling back and forth along a wall. First take out the Goomba coming in from the right side of the screen, then break the four purple blocks beneath the Koopa Troopa to get these things out of the way. Jump on the Koopa Troopa’s head, then quickly grab its shell before the creature has a chance to hop back inside.

With the green shell in your hands, go right and make note of the purple blocks resting along the ground. Position your character with his or her back to the first block, then release the shell so it ricochets off the wall. Jump and watch your hero repeatedly tap the shell and score all those 1-Ups.

There’s a good chance you’ll get hit doing this, so make sure you’re Super Sized.

How do I earn the five bonus Stamps in Super Mario 3D World?

What’s that? You’re missing five Stamps? You’ll have to complete every level in Super Mario 3D World with one of the five characters. Want a hint? Speed this up by playing multiplayer. The game acknowledges each character that touches the Goal Pole.

Tip: You can attach Stamps to your Miiverse posts.

How do I unlock levels in Super Mario 3D World?

The more levels you beat in Super Mario 3D World, the more become available. Some, however, require a certain number of Green Stars to play. The further you progress in the game, the more Stars you’ll need. Here’s a breakdown:

World 1-Castle: 10 Stars
World 2-2: 15 Stars
World 3-2: 30 Stars
World 4-Castle: 50 Stars
World 5-3: 80 Stars
World 6-3: 100 Stars
World 7-Castle: 130 Stars
World 8-Castle: 170 Stars
World Star-9: 210 Stars
World Mushroom-7: 240 Stars

How do I achieve Star Ratings in Super Mario 3D World?

As you make your way through Super Mario 3D World, Stars will appear on your save file. There are a maximum of five Stars (five equals 100 percent completion), and you must complete different objectives to get them all. They include the following:

1 Star: Beat Super Mario 3D World up to World 8. It’s OK if you used the secret warp pipes.

2 Stars: Collect all of the Green Stars in the first eight Worlds.

3 Stars: Complete World Star, World Mushroom and World Flower.

4 Stars: Get all of the Green Stars in the game’s first 11 Worlds.

5 Stars: This is for all the marbles, so to speak. Not only must you get the first four Star Ratings, but you also need to hit all the goal poles in the first 11 Worlds, beat all the levels with every character, collect all the Green Stars and Stamps in those first 11 Worlds. Whew! That’ll take some time.

How do I get Sparkling Stars in Super Mario 3D World?

Avoid the Invincibility Leaf at all costs! You can hit the block and have the Leaf fall onto the ground. Just don’t pick it up. Once you do, you can’t get a Sparkling Star atop the flagpole for that level. That is, unless you replay the level and beat it without using the Invincibility Leaf. Then you’ll get it.

Tip: The Invincibility Leaf appears after losing five lives.

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