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Super Mario 3D World guide: World 9 – all levels beaten, all green stars

How to beat World 9: World Star in Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-1: Rainbow Run

Rainbows in space? By our count, this is the second homage to the Super Mario Kart games in Super Mario 3D World. Well played, Nintendo.

How do I find the Green Stars in Rainbow Run?

Green Star #1

Look for a couple blocks hanging over a rolling rainbow-colored platform. Jump on those blocks, then use the Cat Power-Up to climb the wall. You’ll find a pipe that leads into a secret room. Once inside, manipulate the switch panels to guide the two balls to safety.

Tip: We suggest doing one ball at once.

Green Star #2

Look for the stamp after riding Plessie. See the door with the two unlit torches? Look for a hidden Fire Flower and light those torches. Doing this reveals a Cloud Cannon that takes you to a bonus area filled with panels. Light them up to reveal an 8-bit version of Luigi, and the Green Star.

Tip: Ground pound the area to light up multiple panels at once. A hidden Super Mushroom also comes in handy.

Green Star #3

Look for a set of Rainbow Ring platforms. There’s a Green Star Ring on one of them. Activate it and collect the green coins while avoiding the Spiny Skipsqueaks.

Where is the Stamp in Rainbow Run?

You’ll meet Plessie the dinosaur shortly after the Checkpoint Flag. Hop on for a ride and don’t miss the Stamp. It sits between some Gold Rings to the right of the water slide.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-2: Super Galaxy

To beat this level, you must master a set of red and blue platforms that rotate, one after the other. Don’t get caught standing on one.

Tip: The Tanooki Suit Power-Up will help you in this stage.

How do I find the Green Stars in Super Galaxy?

Green Star #1

You’ll see a lengthy piece of red platform. Take the blue platform on the right to get the Star.

Tip: Octoombas can destroy the block that lets you reach the Green Star.

Green Star #2

There’s a checkerboard made up of red and blue squares. The second Green Star is to left.

Green Star #3

To get this star, you’ll need to make it across two levels of rotating platforms. Take the lower level to snag the Star, then head to the top level and go inside the Warp Box to reach the Goal Pole.

Tip: Beating this stage adds a fifth playable character to the game. It’s Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy!

Where is the Stamp in Super Galaxy?

You’ll come across three Octoombas. To the left is a vertical wall comprised of blue platforms. Climb the wall to get the Stamp.

Tip: Pair Peach or Luigi with the Tanooki Suit and you’re golden.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-3: Rolling Ride Run

You’re on a roll! Hop aboard a series of platforms and roll these suckers to a plethora of different locations.

Tip: You’ll need to play as Rosalina to get the Stamp.

How do I find the Green Stars in Rolling Ride Run?

Green Star #1

After getting the Boomerang Flower early on, search for a Mystery Box and hop into it. Once inside, run to the right to rotate the room.

Tip: Use Boomerangs to take care of those pesky Conkdor birds later in the stage.

Green Star #2

You can actually see this Green Star while next to the Checkpoint Flag. Rotate the platform to make the Star easier to grab.

Green Star #3

Look for three Conkdoors facing a row of coins to the North. Maneuver the roller the coins are on and head down the corridor. Defeat the bees and take the elevator platform to the final Star. You must have at least two characters to make the platform work.

Tip: Make sure you grab a Double Cherry, or play the game with a friend to get Green Star #3.

Where is the Stamp in Rolling Ride Run?

There’s a side path towards the end with a switch that only Rosalina can activate. Hit it to grab the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-4: The Great Goal Pole

Now for something completely different. You’ll see the goal pole as soon as you begin this level, and it moves! The goal pole moves away from you, and you’ll have to track it down within 100 seconds.

How do I find the Green Stars in The Great Goal Pole?

Green Star #1

You want to avoid the dash panel at the beginning of the stage, since passing through it will make you run too fast. You’ll find the Star floating above a Donut Block.

Green Star #2

Look for the second Green Star floating above a Donut Block bridge.

Green Star #3

The final portion of this level consists of a long bridge made entirely of Donut Blocks. As you quickly zip across these unstable platforms, look for Donut Blocks leading upwards. Make the detour to locate the last Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in The Great Goal Pole?

A Walleye guards this Stamp. Since the Goal Pole continues to make a run for it, you don’t have much time to mess with the Walleye, so do your best to ignore it and get that Stamp.

Tip: It’s much easier to track down the Goal Pole with the Super Bell Power-Up. Walk along some Donut Blocks and wait for it to pass by, the drop down onto the Pole.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-5: Super Block Land

This is one of the more unique levels in Super Mario 3D World because it features a non-linear structure. Yes, there’s a path to follow, but it’s possible to collect the Green Stars out of sequence. While not Skyrim per se, it’s a welcome change of pace.

Tip: Use Bob-ombs to recover items or blow up blocks. There’s also a Super Mushroom at the beginning of the course, which lets you stomp around without taking damage.

How do I find the Green Stars in Super Block Land?

Green Star #1

There’s a Warp Box that sends you away from the level’s starting point. Don’t use it yet. Nearby is a section of big ? Blocks. Hit these blocks to form platforms that take you to a Mystery Box. Go inside to access a bonus room, where you have 10 seconds to grab the Star. Use the ? Blocks to make a stairway.

Green Star #2

This Star sits inside of a Rock Block close to the Checkpoint Flag. Use a bomb to blow it up, and be careful where you stand. The explosion can take out surrounding blocks, causing you to fall.

Tip: Be careful when Ground Pounding Big Blocks. Sometimes there’s nothing underneath, save or a steep drop and the loss of a life.

Green Star #3

The third Star is behind a Baddie Box near the end of the level. Destroy the Big Blocks behind the Star with Bob-ombs, then explore to discover a ? Block that lets you create a tower that goes towards the Star.

Where are the five keys in Super Block Land?

You can’t advance through the level without collecting keys. Don’t worry, they’re easy to find.

-Keys 1 and 2 are near Green Star #2’s location, with Chargin’ Chucks closeby.

-Key 3 is a short distance away in plain sight.

-Key 4 is in the same area as Key 3, buried beneath some blocks to the left of big ? Blocks.

-Time to put those same ? Blocks near Key 4 to good use. Use them to create a tower that leads to the Key.

Where is the Stamp in Super Block Land?

Nintendo hid this Stamp in an alcove, located behind Big Blocks within the general vicinity of Green Star #1. The easiest way to get it is with the Mega Mushroom. If you don’t have that, go with a ground pound if you’re big, or smash Big Blocks using the GamePad touchscreen.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World-6: Honeycomb Starway

In this stage, you view the action from a top down perspective. Meanwhile, the camera scrolls upwards, forcing you to make split second decisions in dealing with enemies and the ever-changing terrain. In fact, you’ll have to wait for the platforms to appear before proceeding.

Tip: Get the Boomerang Flower at the beginning of the stage and keep it as long as possible. It’s the best way to take out enemies.

How do I find the Green Stars in Honeycomb Starway?

Green Star #1

Hit the red ! Block with a boomerang to create a bridge leading to this Star.

Tip: Beware of spiked rollers, lava and ice platforms. You’ll slip on the latter.

Green Star #2

You’ll come to a section full of Para-Biddybuds. Take them all out with the boomerang and grab the Star.

Tip: Get the Double Cherry to add another character. Two boomerangs are better than one.

Green Star #3

It’s above a lava panel. Throw a boomerang to get it.

Where is the Stamp in World Honeycomb Starway?

This Stamp is located on the right side of the stage, not far from Green Star #3. You need a boomerang to get it.

Tip: To reach the top of the Goal Pole, you must jump on hexagonal platforms as they float into place. Thing is, you only have ONE shot at doing this. Messing up means having to restart the entire stage from the beginning if you want 100 percent completion.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-7: Gargantuan Grotto

Two words: Goomba Towers. They’re all over the place, so be carfeul.

How do I find the Green Stars in Gargantuan Grotto?

Green Star #1

Wait until you encounter the purple wall comprised of mean eyes. Blow into the GamePad to get rid of them, or attack these blocks with Power-Ups. From there, head into the alcove and wall jump to get the first Star.

Tip: Beware of water vents. They’ll push you into spikes and enemies.

Green Star #2

When you see Rock Blocks underwater, swim up to find a ledge containing a ? Block. Hit it to get a Mega Mushroom.

Now that you’re super sized, continue forward until you see Mushroom Trampolines. Ground Pound those to smash through two layers of Rock Blocks. Green Star #2 sits behind the second wall.

Tip: You can’t get the second Star without the Mega Mushroom.

Green Star #3

Shortly after picking up Green Star #2, heads towards the Green Pipe leading to the end of the stage, but don’t go inside of it. Instead, swim up towards the light rays to discover another pipe that leads to a hidden area.

Once inside, hit the P Switch and rows of blue coins appear. Quickly get a Mega Mushroom from the ? Block and get all those coins, and the last Star.

Where is the Stamp in Gargantuan Grotto?

There’s a Mega Mushroom a short distance from the start of the level. Get it and look for the floor comprised of Rock Blocks. See the floating Rock Blocks above them? Smash those blocks to find the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-8: Peepa’s Fog Bog

We hope you bundled up, because it’s time for yet another wintry stage. You begin Peepa’s Fog Bog in the middle of a huge field, and must track down five Keys to enter a Warp Box.

Where are the five Keys in Peepa’s Fog Bog?

-The first Key is in front of you, but it’s surrounded by Peepas.

-There’s another Key near the Warp Box. Activate the red POW Block to create a series of platforms that lead right to it.

-After collecting that Key, head North to find another one behind a block wall. Break the wall by hitting the red POW Blocks.

-You’ll find the fourth Key floating above a moving invisible cloud platform next to a pine tree.

-The fifth key sits on a balcony and at first seems impossible to collect. Look for a hidden door in the fog.

How do I find the Green Stars in Peepa’s Fog Bog?

Green Star #1

This Star is located within the starting area. Captain Toad is surrounded by bad guys, and you’ll need to defeat them all to receive the Star. Now enter that Mystery Box and prepare for a raft ride.

Tip: Run to the other side of the area to find a Super Star. It will make taking out those baddies a whole lot easier.

Green Star #2

There are two Mystery Boxes in between a couple of Snow Pokeys. Go inside the box to reach a bonus room. Running up the Green Star doesn’t work because it disappears. Wait for it to reappear and hit the Star with a snowball to collect it.

Tip: Remain on the land or docks to avoid the poison bog.

Green Star #3

The third Green Star floats on the side of the docks. Throw a snowball or boomerang to get it.

Where is the Stamp in Peepa’s Fog Bog?

On the final run towards the Goal Pole, take a detour on the right and jump over the gap. You’ll see the Stamp on a tiny island.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star-9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster

Cannons! Switches! Parabones! Cosmic Cannon Cluster will put your Mario skills to the test, but first thing’s first. You need 210 Green Stars to unlock this level.

Tip: At the beginning of the stage, look for a Cannon Box near the giant Switchboard track.

How do I find the Green Stars in Cosmic Cannon Cluster?

Green Star #1

After climbing a cannon wall (yes, you read that right), head right to find a breakable wall. Blow it up to find the Green Star. Now take the green pipe to an underwater section.

Green Star #2

While underwater, look for breakable blocks and destroy them to discover a secret room containing coins and the Green Star.

Tip: The Super Bell, Tanooki Suit and Rosalie’s Spin Attack make doing this easier.

Green Star #3

Once you’re back on the Switchboard, it’s time to make an attempt at the third Green Star. Once you see it, head in its direction and use the Cannon Box to blast it.

Tip: If you don’t have the Cat Power-Up, prepare to bounce off cannonballs to reach the top of the Goal Pole.

Where is the Stamp in Cosmic Cannon Cluster?

Unlike many Stamps in Super Mario 3D World, this one’s near the beginning. While riding the Switchboard, look for it off to the side near some ? Blocks. You’ll need to shoot the ? Blocks with the Cannon Box to make a bridge.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Star: Captain Toad Takes a Spin

Unlike most Captain Toad levels, you’re free to collect the Green Stars in no particular order. Just hit the P Switches to rotate the stage 90 degrees.

Tip: There’s a Sprixie House right next to this Captain Toad level. Enter it to claim a bonus Stamp.

How do I find the Green Stars in Captain Toad Takes a Spin?

Green Star #1

Press the first P Switch, then drop down and avoid the enemy to grab it.

Green Star #2

Immediately after getting Green Star #1, drop down to the loser level where the second resides. Now head towards the P Switch near the four bad guys.

Green Star #3

Head back to ground level and walk towards the third Star. Make sure you press the P Switch nearby.

Green Star #4

Rotate the stage to put the fourth Star into view, wait for the enemies to move out of the way and go get it. Now walk towards the next P Switch.

Green Star #5

Pressing that P Switch puts Captain Toad on top of the closest enemy. DO NOT do this if the bad guy is electrified. Otherwise, ride it to the final Star.

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