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Super Mario Odyssey Capture List - all abilities and every capture in the game listed

Super Mario Odyssey's core mechanic is Cappy's new ability to capture friends, enemies and inanimate objects in the game's kingdoms - but not all of them are easily found.

Every Kingdom in the game has some unique, quirky little objects Mario can capture - and more importantly, many other capture-friendly objects throughout the world.

If you open up the map with the minus button and then press Y you'll be able to access the Super Mario Odyssey Capture List, a complete list of all the things you can capture in the game - but you have to fill it in.

If you need some help filling it in, fear not - here, we list every single capture in the game, plus their abilities and controls. Simple! Beware that the deeper you get into this page the more spoilers there are - you have been warned! With that said, let's get to our comprehensive Capture List...

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Mario Odyssey Capture List - all captures in the game

This capture list is presented exactly as it is in Super Mario Odyssey proper, in the order each capture appears in the in-game version of list. Here we go:

#1 - Frog

  • Found in Cascade Kingdom & Moon Kingdom.
  • Left Stick + Y = Dash
  • B = Jump. Shake to jump higher still.

#2 - Spark Pylon

  • Found in a variety of Kingdoms, including Cap, Sand and Metro.
  • Left Stick = Movement

#3 - Paragoomba

  • Found in the Cap Kingdom.
  • A Goomba that can fly just a little, as in classic Mario games.

#4 - Chain Chomp

  • First found in the Cascade Kingdom, but also seen elsewhere.
  • Use the left stick to pull on its chain, then release to snap back in the opposite direction with momentum to smash things or enemies.

#5 - Big Chain Chomp

  • Also found in the Cascade Kingdom as a necessary part of story progression.
  • As with the Chain Chomp, use the left stick to pull on the chain and then release to snap back in the opposite direction.

#6 - Broode's Chain Chomp

  • Bigger than the regular chain chomp but smaller than the big one, this is encountered as part of a boss encounter.
  • This golden chomp controls the same as the other pair.

#7 - T-Rex

  • Encountered in the Cascade Kingdom, and we're pretty sure this is unmissable without some sequence breaking shenanigans.
  • Left Stick + Y = Dash
  • B = Attack. Shake also attacks. The T-Rex can't jump.

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#8 - Binoculars

  • Most levels have these available to you, but you'll first encounter it in the Sand Kingdom.
  • Move with controller movement or the right stick, and zoom in with Y. Use this to seek out far-away objectives.

#9 - Bullet Bill

  • The classic Mario bullet enemy - you'll first find it in the Sand Kingdom, but it appears in other locations throughout the game too.
  • The Left Stick moves, and Y accelerates. If you shake the controller, it'll accelerate even faster.

#10 - Moe-Eye

  • These cleverly-named guys (named for the Maoi Easter Island statues, get it?) are found in a few places, but first in the Sand Kingdom.
  • Use the Y button to put on and take off its sunglasses, revealing hidden geometry out in the game world

#11 - Cactus

  • It might be an inanimate object, but there's a cactus in the Sand Kingdom that you can capture towards your capture total.

#12 - Goomba

  • The classic Mario enemy is found in many Kingdoms, and you'll find them in both the early-game Sand and Lake kingdoms to begin with.
  • Left Stick + Y = Dash
  • B = Jump, and shaking allows for a high jump.

#13 - Knucklotec's First

  • This giant gauntlet-glad fist is encountered as part of a Sand Kingdom boss battle and can be encountered again in the post-game.
  • It controls just like the bullet bill - press Y to accelerate as you fly.

#14 - Mini Rocket

  • These little white-and-red rockets blast you off to new areas for mini-games. They're in many levels, but the first one in the game chronologically is in the Sand Kingdom.
  • Once you've captured it, press B to launch.

#15 - Glydon

  • The lizard-like Glydon is first found in the Sand Kingdom. It also shows up as part of the linear progression in the Lost Kingdom.
  • Simply jump and then hold Y to glide.

#16 - Lakitu

  • Lakitu isn't the camera man this time around, and can be found to capture in the Sand and Lake kingdoms.
  • Lakitu's fishing rod can be used, appropriately, to catch fish. You raise and lower the rod with Y. Doing so to the right fish can net you a moon.

#17 - Zipper

  • The Zipper is found in the Lake Kingdom and is used to reveal new areas of the map. It's hard to miss.
  • Once you've possessed the zip, use the left stick to move.


#18 - Cheep Cheep

  • Cheep Cheeps are found in a variety of levels including the Lake Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom.
  • Y = Dive, B = Surface.
  • Shake the joy-con to attack with a spinning move.

#19 - Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom)

  • This puzzle piece is found in a mini-game that you enter via the Lake Kingdom.
  • Once captured, use the stick to move around.

#20 - Poison Piranha Plant

  • Found in the Wooded Kingdom.
  • To capture these guys, throw a rock or seed into their mouth and then toss Cappy at them.
  • Y = Spit Poison. Shake the controller to spit poison even further and do so more quickly.

#21 - Uproot

  • Found in the Wooded Kingdom and used to fight a major boss, but make a return elsewhere too.
  • Hold B to stretch your legs, then release to perform a little jump. Shake to stretch further

#22 - Fire Bro

  • Like hammer bro, but... fire! Found in the Luncheon Kingdom and others., especially later in the game as you close in on Bowser.
  • Y to throw fireballs like you've got a fireflower. B to jump in a bouncy sort of fashion.
  • Shake the joy-con to throw fireballs even quicker still. Fireballs can not only defeat enemies but also set flammable objects ablaze.

#23 - Sherm

  • This giant tank is first encountered in the Metro Kingdom at night before the festival, but you'll also encounter it elsewhere later on.
  • Use the right stick to aim and press YU to shoot.

#24 - Coin Coffer

  • The Coin Coffer can be found hiding out in the forest of the Wooded Kingdom.
  • It'll try to hide, and you can stomp on it to get coins. If you capture it, however, you can dispense coins with the press of a button.

#25 - Tree

  • A small tree in the Wooded Kingdom can be captured. When you're it, you can even move around a little, and doing so might have something in it for you...

#26 - Boulder

  • The Boulder is found in the Wooded Kingdom and is yet another inanimate object you can capture. Like the Tree above, move it around a little and there might be a reward in it for you.

#27 - Picture Match Part (Goomba)

  • This is part of a puzzle that you'll find via a warp pipe in the very small Cloud Kingdom location. You visit this in the story, but can revisit after you've enjoyed the boss encounter here.
  • Once captured, you can move around with the left stick.

#28 - Tropical Wiggler

  • A new and tropical-themed take on a Mario classic, this Wiggler is first found in the Lost Kingdom but show up in other levels too.
  • L Stick + Y to stretch. Shake to stretch faster.

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#29 - Pole

  • Another inanimate object, but the Metro Kingdom poles found in New Donk City are at least useful. Use the control stick to flick yourself and send Mario flying.

#30 - Manhole

  • If you follow the Metro City quest line to restore the city to its glory and hold a festival you'll eventually have to control his Manhole cover in order to move it with the left stick.

#31 - Taxi

  • You probably don't need to be told this is found in the Metro Kingdom's New Donk City, but there's one particular taxi that you can fit Cappy onto and capture there, so look out for that.

#32 - RC Car

  • This capture is found in the Metro Kingdom, and it's a bit of a trick - look out not just for the car, but for the hat-free New Donk citizen with the remote control. Capture him to control the RC car.
  • The car controls with both the left and right sticks.
  • There's also a secondary kart-racing mini game with Mario Kart music where you can control the RC car on a tiny version of Mario Circuit.

#33 - Ty-Foo

  • This cloud-like enemy can be encountered in a few places, including in areas of the Snow and Luncheon Kingdoms. They're particularly common in the Snow Kingdom.
  • Can blow gusts of air with Y. Shake to blow more.

#34 - Shiverian Racer

  • This is a specific Shiverian citizen found in the Snow Kingdom as part of the main quest of that Kingdom.
  • Press B or shake the joy-con to bound.

#35 - Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)

  • We encountered Cheep Cheeps earlier, but the ones in the Snow Kingdom can survive colder temperatures still, and are unique on the capture list.
  • Y = Dive, B = Surface.
  • Shake the joy-con to attack with a spinning move.

#36 - Gushen

  • These Octopus-like enemies are first found in the Seaside Kingdom, and sort of resembles the ability of Super Mario Sunshine's FLUDD when captured.
  • Hold Y to jet forwards and B to jet upwards. Water doesn't last forever (except for in one specific circumstance).
  • Shake the joy-con to spray all over in all directions.

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#37 - Lava Bubble

  • One of the most classic Mario enemies of sorts can finally be controlled! These lava balls are first in the Luncheon Kingdom, but show up throughout the game.
  • L Stick + Y to dash. Shake for faster dash.
  • B to jump. If you hit dry ground, you'll be turned back into Mario.

#38 - Volbonan

  • Found in the Luncheon Kingdom, these Fork-like objects are used to catapult yourself around using the same flick mechanic as the Metro Kingdom poles mentioned earlier.

#39 - Hammer Bro

  • This classic Mario enemy is first encountered in the Luncheon Kingdom tossing frying pans, but they do show up elsewhere.
  • Hammers/Frying Pans can kill enemies and destroy pieces of the environment.
  • Press Y to throw hammers/frying pans/whatever Shake to throw faster, and press B to jump.

#40 - Meat

  • Finally, Mario can be a piece of meat that can Twitch this way and that. This item is found in the Luncheon Kingdom, predictably, and is part of that level's main guided quest mission if you choose to undertake it.

#41 - Fire Piranha Plant

  • These guys are similar to the poison ones found earlier, and crop up in the Luncheon Kingdom.
  • To capture them, first toss something into their mouth that isn't Cappy to choke them, then while they splutter hit them with Cappy.
  • Y will spit fireballs, and you can spit further by shaking the joy-con. Flammable objects can be burned and enemies killed with fireballs.

#42 - Pokio

  • This bird-like baddie shows up in the late game in Bowser's Kingdom, but they're particularly cool.
  • Press Y to poke with your nose. This can kill enemies and pierce into things, including walls.
  • Once in a wall, use the left stick to flick yourself around like the forks.
  • B to jump.

#43 - Jizo

  • Something of the Jizo, statues, recalls Mario 3... they're found in Bowser's Kingdom.
  • Stomp enemies and glowing spots on the ground by bouncing to them, and shake the controller to bounce even quicker.

#44 - Bowser Statue

  • Much like the boulder, taxi and tree you find earlier in this list, the Bowser Statue can be captured and moved a little in order to get yourself a neat reward. It's in the Bowser Kingdom, duh.

#45 - Parabones

  • Remember Dry Bones? Those guys always made Bowser's Castle a pain, but now you can become one that's somehow a little more useful. They're found in Bowser's Kingdom, of course.
  • Press B to fly, and shake the controller to fly faster.

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#46 - Banzai Bill

  • In Bowser's Kingdom you'll find this, an even more aggressive and enormous Bullet Bill.
  • The Left Stick moves, and Y accelerates. If you shake the controller, it'll accelerate even faster.

#47 - Chargin' Chuck

  • The classic Mario World enemy returns as a final line of defense against you in Bowser's Kingdom.
  • Press and hold Y to charge him up, then release to charge forwards, defeating enemies and smashing through obstacles.

#48 - Bowser

  • The big man himself, found towards the end of the main game after a major boss fight.
  • Press Y to Attack, slashing with his claws.
  • Press B to Jump.
  • Shake the joy-con to breathe fire!

#49 - Letter

  • Large novelty letters in the Metro Kingdom can be controlled a little, just like the tree, boulder, cactus and Bowser Statue.

#50 - Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)

  • As the name suggests this power-themed puzzle part can be found in Metro Kingdom's New Donk City, and when controlled can be moved around.

#51 - Picture Match Part (Mario)

  • This picture match piece is much like the Goomba Puzzle piece from earlier, found by boosting in a rocket in the Mushroom Kingdom. Move around with the left stick, use Y to rotate left, B to rotate right.

#52 - Yoshi

  • As a bit of a bonus, Mario's long-time dinosaur partner can be found just where he was in Super Mario 64, atop Peach's Castle. He can't be ridden, but he can be captured.
  • Y to extend tongue. Can be used to latch onto things or eat things for a quest. Shake to extend the tongue, too.
  • Hold B for the classic Yoshi flutter jump.

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