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The Ascent Double Charge quest: How to use Stasis Overcharge

The Ascent Double Charge quest gives you a simple task with few instructions.

Kill 10 enemies, it says, but there’s a catch. You have to kill 10 enemies using Stasis Overcharge, which the game doesn’t actually tell you how to use. Fortunately, you get a useful and stylish Augmentation once the quest is finished, so it’s worth the trouble.

The Ascent Double Charge | How to start Double Charge quest

Beezelchek is the quest giver for Double Charge. He’s a scientist living in Cluster 13, west of the Cluster 13 map marker and northeast of the Rooftops marker. There’s also a quest indicator over Beezelchek’s head, so he’s a bit hard to miss.

He asks you to defeat 10 enemies using Stasis Overcharge, a status you might not have encountered yet.

The Ascent Double Charge | Stasis Overcharge

Head to the Cyber Vendor in Cluster 13 and buy the Stasis Drone for the steep price of 22,000 Ucred. If you don’t have the cash, take on some other side quests first, such as the Anabolic Express and then come back. The Stasis Drone is a tactical item that applies a stasis charge to a wide field, making it easy to deal with multiple enemies at once.

Stasis immobilizes foes, and they take higher damage while in this state. Stasis Overcharge occurs when you deal excessive damage to enemies afflicted with Stasis, and the accumulated force makes them explode. Some other augmentations inflict Stasis, but the Drone is the easiest and earliest way of applying the effect.

Whatever your method, you can use Stasis Overcharge on any 10 enemies to complete the quest. They don’t have to be defeated simultaneously, so there’s a fair bit of freedom in how you approach the objective.

Report back to Beezelchek to get your reward: 2,200 XP and the Stasis Stomp Augmentation. Stasis Stomp launches enemies and applies Stasis, making it a fun and practical skill.

The Ascent has plenty more quests to throw your way, not all of which are easy to figure out. Lost and Found and The Stash are two such quests, and they both give you ample rewards for your time.

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