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Untitled Goose Game Pub to-do list: how to break the dartboard, be awarded a flower and set the table

In this walkthrough, you're off to the pub to cause a ruckus in Untitled Goose Game by stealing cutlery, tripping up an old man and setting the table for a nice dinner.

Before you enter the pub, it would be wise to walk south from the entrance and open up the gate that leads to the red bridge over the canal, as you'll need that shortcut later.

Getting into the pub

The first challenge you'll face is getting into the pub. You can try and startle the bouncer at the door and run past him to the little tunnel to the right, or you can hop in the delivery person's box when they're not looking.

They'll carry the box to the storeroom and you can go through the little tunnel to the left of the door to get to the staircase leading up to the restaurant section. If you walk past the stairs, you'll find another tunnel that leads you to the entrance of the pub

As long as the bouncer and barmaid don't see you, you'll be fine. If you get caught, the bouncer shoves you out the door and you'll need to sneak back in.

How to break the dartboard, be awarded a flower and play the harmonica

When inside the pub, you'll find an old man and his harmonica to the left of the restaurant. I strongly advise you pick up the harmonica and honk a tune out with it before you do anything else.

To make the man fall over, wait until he is about to sit down and pull the chair from under him. Bullying children, now the elderly? You absolute honk.

Next, you'll need to break the dartboard. Wait until he's about to throw the dart then honk, and he'll throw the dark so hard the dartboard will fall off the wall. Alternatively, you can honk with the harmonica in your mouth for maximum effect.

After that, make your way over to the two women sitting at the table. To be awarded a flower, you'll need to copy their actions, which are:

  • Honk
  • Extend your neck
  • Spread your wings

They'll clap and throw you a flower to say thank you for putting on a show.

Set the table

The table in question is in the storage area you were brought into and has a red check tablecloth. You'll find a plate in this area, so go ahead and whack it on the table. The rest of the items - namely a knife and fork, a pepper grinder and a candle - can be found in the main restaurant area upstairs.

Using the zoom out function will help you keep an eye on your surroundings, so you don't end up being caught.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal

You'll also need to pinch a pint glass and drop it in the canal. There are several glasses you can pick up but be warned; if you drop one on the ground, it'll smash.

I used the tunnels to reach the pub entrance then dropped my glass in the flower bed beside the box of tomatoes. After that, I picked up a tomato, ran back through the tunnel and out the other side and honked at the bouncer.

Drop the tomato and go back through the tunnel, pick up your glass and make a dash for freedom. Once you reach the red bridge, drop the glass over the edge into the canal to complete the task.

Get the toy boat and drop a bucket on the man's head

To get the toy boat, you'll need to sneak upstairs and turn on the tap to fill up the water basin. Once it's filled, you'll be able to grab the boat.

For the last challenge, you'll need to head back to the storage area and take most, if not all, of the tomatoes out of the box and dot them around the floor. Next, use the tunnels to go back to the pub entrance, steal a tomato and have the burly bouncer chase you to the storage area. Wait in the tunnel until he goes through to the storage area then sneak up the stairs.

You'll see a metal bucket balancing on the edge. Wait until the man collects a tomato and kneels to put it in the box, then interact with the bucket so that it falls on his head.

If you miss, he'll put it back on the ledge and continue replacing his tomatoes, so keep trying.

It's now time to move on to the final section of the game that involves running through a model village and avoiding everyone you've managed to piss off.

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