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Vampyr Collectables guide with screenshots - Where to find every collectable across London

The semi-open world of Vampyr is so densely packed with hidden secrets that you'd need The Knowledge of a London cabbie to find them all without a helping hand. To aid in your hunt for the Lore Keeper trophy, we've put together a comprehensive Vampyr collectables guide - complete with screenshots - so that no stone is left unturned.

Some Vampyr collectables only become available after certain points in the story, so be wary of spoilers. We'll try to keep them as vague as possible though, and leave out unnecessary details.

The collectables will be listed in the order that we found them. Only one required restarting from an earlier save to collect, but we'll go into detail when that comes up. It is possible to gather every collectable during a Not Even Once playthrough if that's what you're doing - but it's more difficult.

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Vampyr Collectables guide:

Weaknesses of Vampires - Fire and Sun:

The first collectable in the game is found quite soon after you're reborn. After you've fought the first enemy that shoots a flaming crossbow bolt at you, you'll enter a house with a red door with white writing across it. The collectable is to the left of where you enter, on a bookshelf with a candle on.

The Guard of Priwen - New Practices, New Tactics:

As you continue with the game's first quest in the docks where you're pursuing the killer, you'll come to a warehouse with two enemies stood around a bonfire. The collectable is on a corpse slumped against a pillar next to the bonfire.

The Great Hunt - Hail for our Fallen Commrades:

This collectable is found in a safe in the Priwen command centre that you enter at the end of the Wrong Target side quest that you get from Thelma Howcroft.

The Origin of Vampires - Fertile is the Belly of the Beast:

You'll visit Goswick's flat during the Burn after Reading side quest that you get from Mortimer Goswick. The collectable is in the bedroom. You can find the flat by warping up to the raised platform a little south west of the Hospital.

Species of Vampires - Rare Species of Vampires:

This collectable is found on the right hand side of Edgar Swansea's office during the Rat in the Hospital main quest.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole - The Ban of the Dragon:

During the Rat in the Hospital main quest, you'll enter some sewers in pursuit of a thug. After you've gone down the first set of stairs in the sewer, head forward and two the left once you've reached the room with two Skals. There'll be another room with a corpse on the floor, which is where you'll find the collectable. This is where you have to go to complete the quest anyway, so you shouldn't miss it.

The Guard of Priwen - Professional Vampire Hunters:

This collectable is upstairs in the Peterson's house at the foot of the stairs of the church in Whitechapel. It's on a desk.

The Origin of Vampires - The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas:

In Darius Petrescu's house in Whitechapel, you can find this collectable on the shelf in the storeroom.

The Need for Blood - Blood as Addiction:

You'll find this collectable in the back room of the hideout in Whitechapel.

Weaknesses of Vampires - Holy Symbols and Orichalcum:

This collectable is found on the eastern side of the Stonebridge Cemetery.

There's a ledge that you can warp up to (see second screenshot). When you're up there, the document is on a corpse slumped against a wall.

Species of Vampires - Supremacy of Ekons:

You'll find this in the Sewer Skal territory in the room with Harriet Jones.

The Story of Ascalon - Vampire Factions and Skals:

Purchased from Martin Nightingale in the West Docks for 50 Shillings from the second time you meet him.

The Origin of Vampires - The Heresy of the Pure Blood:

On desk during Alignment of the Stars side quest where you rescue Kimura Tadao.

You can find the location in the West End (see second screenshot). You'll need to defeat an Ekon to get in.

The Story of Ascalon - History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club:

As you enter the Ascalon club, there'll be an empty office on the right hand side of the building. There's a collectable on a table here.

The Need for Blood - Of the Recreational Use of Blood:

You'll find this in the basement of the Ascalon Club. The key to the door is found in the office on the second floor of the building, then head back downstairs to the office you found the last collectable in and unlock the door. Go down the stairs and to the other side of the room. The collectable is on the right.

Species of Vampires - The Violence of the Vulkods:

At the far north side of Temple Garden, there's an entrance to some sewers. As you make your way through the sewer, you'll eventually be attacked by a level 32 Vulkod. When he's dead, search his body for the collectable.

Weaknesses of Vampires - About the use of Garlic and Wooden Stakes:

Next to Thelma Howcroft's bed in the Pembroke. Found in Chapter 3, but might be available earlier.

The Skals - The Ichor's Threat:

After your meeting with Doris Fletcher in the Theatre, as you leave, there'll be an Ekon's corpse in the square to your left. The collectable is on this body.

The Need for Blood - Vampires Feed on Our Soul:

When you've raised your mesmerise level to four, you can enter Mason Swanborough's house. The collectable is in some drawers.

The Great Hunt - The Crime of Lost Knowledge:

This one's in front of Usher Talltree in Temple Church.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole - The Lost Library:

In Venus Crossley's house in the West End, there's a collectable in the drawer on the left hand side of the bed upstairs.

The Great Hunt - The Blood Night Tragedy:

You'll find the next collectable upstairs in Lady Ashbury's mansion, in the room with the easel where she usually paints.

The Story of Ascalon - The Vampire Club:

This collectable is in a hidden hideout on the other side of the river to the Hospital.

You can find the hideout by crossing the bridge to the west of the hospital and turning right (see second screenshot).

The Skals - Origin of the Skals:

This collectable is in the Western docks in the Night Shelter Vicinity.

Between the wooden gate of the Shelter and the metal gate to the east, you'll find the document on a barrel (see second screenshot).

The Legendary Vampires - The Vampire Knight:

You'll find this collectable in the basement of the Theatre during your second visit with Edgar Swansea.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole - Origin of the Brotherhood:

This collectable is a reward from Usher Talltree for retrieving his diary from the basement of the Theatre during his side quest. You have to try to open the safe first, then go back upstairs and kill a couple of Priwen to get the key, then come back to grab the diary. Return to Temple Church WITHOUT READING IT, and he'll give you the collectable.

The Skals - Extermination of the Rodents:

In the sewer near Stonebridge Cemetery - across the river (see second screenshot for sewer entrance) - as you make your way through you'll eventually make your way to a series of interconnected tunnels.

On the corner of one of these tunnels, you'll find a corpse that you can search for the collectable.

The Guard of Priwen - Laughing at the Guard:

There are a few steps to getting this next collectable. First, you have to travel to Southwalk across the bridge (be careful of Dyson Delaney if you're trying for a Not Even Once playthrough). Once you're there, make your way to the foundry building that you passed through at the very beginning of the game.

Kill the enemies around here - including the Large Beast in the screen above - and you should get the Foundry key.

Then make your way to the next building to the south and warp up the second floor (screen of location below).

On this level you should find another door that you can go through which leads to an office.

Inside there's a Skal that you have to kill, then go over to the far side of the office and you'll find the collectable.

The Legendary Vampires - The Blood Goddess Heresy:

This is *by far* the most difficult collectable to acquire. But luckily there are two ways to acquire it.

The first one is to find all of the Braille texts and take them to Mason Swanborough, which will allow you to enter the code locked door that you find in the sewer near the Stonebridge cemetery where you found the "Extermination of the Rodents" collectable.

Alternatively, you can turn the Whitechapel district hostile by embracing Citizens. When you sleep and the district falls, Mason will go missing. Now if you go to the door in the sewer, you can go straight in. Once you've killed the Chemist Skal, you can get the collectable in a cabinet in the same room.

The Legendary Vampires - The Myth of the Horned Vampire:

During the main quest, on your way to find Harriet Jones once you've brewed an antidote, you'll go back to the Sewer Skal territory. Enter through the entrance in the docks and once you've checked there, you'll start to follow a blood trail.

Eventually, you'll run into the ethereal Horned Vampire and trigger a conversation.

After the conversation, you'll warp up to a raised platform. Turn left here and go out of the gate. Follow the path around and after a little distance you'll spy a basket that you can search. This innocuous spot is the location of the final collectable! Congrats!

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